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Before Russia’s military attack, there was cyber attack on Ukraine, know how this dangerous malware stopped everything

The war between Russia and Ukraine has started since Thursday. Russia continues to adopt an aggressive stance and is attacking Ukraine with bombs, missiles and rockets. But before this attack, Russia also did a cyber attack on Ukraine. The websites of banks and government departments of Ukraine were crashed by this attack. This was not Russia’s first cyber attack. A week before this, Russia targeted about 50 websites in Ukraine. Experts say that the malware through which Russia targeted Ukraine is named Viper malware. Let us know what is this malware and how it works.  

What is Viper Malware?

Wiper malware attack is also known as Hermetic Wiper. Through this malware the entire data of the system can be deleted. It is different from other malware and the data it deleted cannot be recovered. With this, the hackers control the server of your system completely.

It took a long time to create this malware

According to experts, it would have taken about 2 months to prepare this malware. In this, hackers first installed Hermetic Wiper malware in computers. This was followed by a DDoS attack (Distributed denial-of-service). During this, a data-wiping software was also used.

Cyber ​​experts from 6 countries reached Ukraine

After this attack, cyber experts from 6 EU countries (Lithuania, Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Croatia) are engaged in eliminating this malware to help Ukraine.



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