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Bajaj Chetak E-Scooter Will be Unleashed in 2020

Bajaj Chetak renounced its presence after 14 years in the century. The company had forbidden Bajaj Chetak in the year 2006. Now Bajaj is presenting its electronic model, i.e. Bajaj chetak Electric scooter or E-scooter.

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Chetak certainly won’t cost Rs 1.5 lakh. The scooter also qualifies for the FAME II subsidy. However, whether it will be priced around the Rs 1 lakh mark, under, or over it is the bigger question. For reference, the Ather 450, which will be the Chetak’s closest rival, is priced at Rs 1.13 lakh (on-road, Bengaluru).

Bajaj, The World-leading scooter company, had more than 1 lakh 30 thousand users.

Bajaj will unleash this model in January 2020 in the service of the users, that will lead to an eco-friendly environment of the country.

Pune will be showered with the first launch of Bajaj Chetak E-Scooter.

Let’s have a glance at the exclusive features of Bajaj Chetak which will fascinate you to bring it home for the eco-friendly surroundings.

Electricity as fuel: Bajaj has presented its Chetak as an electric scooter or e-scooter. City and Sport two rider modes are avail in it. It covers the range between 95-100 km in City mode while 80-85 km in Sports mode.

Look: Bajaj Chetak has adorned with the Retro look like the scooters of 70- 80s era. However, glimpses of old chetak show in this version also.  This version of Chetak is more Stylish, Stunning and Digital than the old one.

Key-less Start: Enjoy the key-less feature of this E-scooter. You can start the Scooter without any key. Feel free to enjoy your ride. Suppose if you have its core in your pocket, then you don’t need it to start the scooter. You can start it with the one push of Button in it.

Reverse: Unique feature of Bajaj Chetak is to reverse it freely. A button is fixed in it for the reverse purpose by pressing which you can quickly reverse it the way you reverse the car.

Digital: E-scooter is lavish with numerous digital gadgets to make a much correct version of Chetak. Cluster instruments are available, which can be connected with your smartphone. Keep your eye on your Chetak with your smartphone at home.



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