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iPhone 11 – iOS 12 Beta Points Towards the Arrivals of Dual Sim Phone

2018 is a big year for iPhone fans. This year is going to see three launches back to back in September and one of these will be a budget phone by iPhone. You have to note that a budget phone by iPhone does not mean budget phone by the industry standards it will be just cheap as compared to its own other phones.

Three new handsets to be launched this year will be probably known as iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 plus. There are also rumors that Apple might get rid of numbers in the nomenclature from this year so, these phones might come with different names.

According to rumors, iPhone 9 is going to be Apple’s entry level phone which will offer a 6.1 inch LCD screen while the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 plus will have a 5.8 inch and a 6.5 inch OLED display respectively. The launch rumors also suggest that these phone will have some really amazing camera set ups an upgraded 7nm A11 CPU along with a new USB-C charger.

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Launch of iPhone 11, iOS 12 and Dual Sim

On 31st July, Apple released the fifth developer beta of iOS 12, which clearly points towards company’s plans to launch a dual sim iPhone this year. According a leading tech magazine, the company’s diagnostic reports includes new references to “second sim status” and “second sim tray status”, which clearly indicate that the company has all the plans to compete with dual sim phones this year.

Release Date of Apple Triplets

Apple’s 2018 batch will make a debut in September, keeping up with the traditions of the company. In 2017, Apple had made announcements on September 15th and the handset went on sale from September 22nd. This year also the company is expected to follow the same pattern.

Price of 2018 Apple iPhones 9

According to industry rumors, iPhone 9 will be the most affordable phone of the 2018 batch of three phones and will be priced between $600-$700. There’s isn’t much news about the price of Apple iPhone 11 but one thing is for sure, they are going to be costly.

Apple fans are too excited about iPhone 11 because this phone is going to bring in two more phones with it along with some features that the company has never offered. Now, it’s all about waiting till September to find out if any of the above mentioned rumors hold any water.

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