Buying iPhone X worth Rs83,499 is profitable or not

Apple iPhone X: Apple playing the role of branded phone sellers for a long time. It has gained attractions of many people. Day by day its features are increasing and with a little increase in the price also. However, while you are buying you won’t be looking your pocket other than the features.

• Beautiful looks from which you can’t remove your eyes

From the looking side, it can be said Apple iPhone X is the best. When a person is holding this in hand he is having a different personality. The screen size is 5.8 inch and is full-screen display while the back portion is also made of glass. You will only be swiping from apps to home button as there is no home button for this phone. It is having a seamless round corner with a stainless steel band that makes it look luxurious.

• Face Id

The new way of opening the lock is the face Id recognition which shows the true depth of camera. Fingerprint works a bit faster but in case you are having dirty or sweaty hands, it will recognize your face and only by swiping up you can log in to your phone.

• Extravagant display feature

Apple claims that Apple iPhone X is having an extraordinary display when compared to other phones of the same range. The OLED panel of iPhone X is brighter and is offering a wider view angle. It also supports HDR content.

• New lighting effect introduced in portrait mode

In case of taking pictures, Apple iphone X gives you the same blur effect of the image as you get on other phone having a dual rear camera. And nifty lighting effects can be applied before taking the photo or after taking the photo. You can choose between effects like stage lights, counter and many others. You can easily drop yours with all other backgrounds.

• In case of AR, it is super fast

70 percent faster performance is given by A11 bionic chip and is having four cores of high efficiency. Benchmark is very much impressive that leaves a long-lasting impression and the augmented reality is having a boosted performance. The phone doesn’t stop nor don’t gets hang while playing games of high graphics.

• Charging features

The iPhone X is similar to the iPhone 8 as it has the fast charging capability that is it gets 70% charge in 1 hour and 50% in 30 minutes. Moreover, it is having a wireless charger that is there is no problem of cables.

• Animoji fever

If you are a fan of emoji then you will like it too. It works by depending on the face detection. It detects your face and makes animated emojis which you can send to your friends through iMessage.

Now it’s up to you whether you are going for the branded ones or the one that is without any brand. Its extravagant feature surely attracts each and everyone and everyone secretly desires to buy this iPhone. Apple iPhone X is taking all the heat of the market for its beautiful look and extraordinary features when compared to other phones of that range.

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