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Apple MacBook Pro 2018 : A Brief Review of

Apple’s 2018 revive represents incredible upgrade to its range of MacBook laptops that are focused for video editors and professional photographers, even for power users. The all new Apple MacBook Pro 2018 model features a 13” display which is quite portable and designed for creative users who need powerhouse compact workstation. The latest model of MacBook 2018 has been upgraded with improved specifications and comes with revamped keyboard which expected to address some of the issues faced by users of previous MacBook models.

The Tue Tone software by Apple is integrated to adjust the screen color temperature dramatically to fit the ambient light of surroundings. Besides, the model sports Apple Voice activated assistant, Siri and other accessibility features. Overall, Apple has come forth with a good looking compact metal body that is bulging with promises.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018  Design

The latest Apple MacBook Pro 2018 is virtually identical to all its previous model as the body and design is inspired by the earlier versions of MacBook. It comes with two set of micro drilled holes that sit either of the keyboards for blasting music. Gauging 212.44×304×14.99mm, the Apple MacBook Pro 2018 model is not going to consume much of your space in workstation and your bag. It weighs only 1.37Kg which is on a par with other average laptop models. It is remarkable slim design which means it is quite slender compared to the other performance laptops in the market.

MacBook Pro

The lack of ports and butterfly switched keyboards are replaced with four Thunderbolts. It works with USB connections and supports all Thunderbolt accessories. The configuration storage is up to 2TB on 13” version and 4TB on 15” versions and the memory is up to 16GB on 13” model and 32GB on 15” models.

In regards to the processor, the Apple MacBook Pro 2018 model comes with basic 8th Gen 2.3GHz quad core i5 CPU, while the 15” model features 2.9 GHz hexa core i9-8950HK CPU.

The Keyboard and Trackpad of Apple MacBook Pro 2018

There is lots of talks going on regarding the rubber layers that sit under the keycaps on the newer model of Apple MacBook Pro. It has the 3rd generation butterfly switch keyboards. Installation of such switches reduces the likeliness of key breakage. The keyboard travel is shallow which is not really different from all other line up. But the layout is as similar to that of all older MacBook Pros. However, you would enjoy the typing sensation caused by the keyboard.

The Trackpad of the device is super responsive and smooth indeed. Moreover, the scrolling of the pages would be a breeze with this model. But at times it may awkwardly depress which make clicking quite difficult.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 The Touch Bard

The touch bar of Apple MacBook Pro 2018 is still the same that is derived from its predecessor. Users would appreciate to tap on the volume controls and crank or dip the music while streaming. It allows streaming videos in QucikTime or Final Cut Pro X. However, the performance of the Touch Bar greatly depends on the applications that you are using.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 Display

The display of Apple MacBook Pro 2018 model is above your expectation. Colorimeter tests are at its maximum brightness recorded at the high levels of luminosity 514.1 nits. The display is designed and maxed out the whole sRGB color gamut, while the wider Adobe RGB gamut is 84%/ The DCI P3 score of the model is quite impressive which is 98.3% and the recorded color temperature is 6514K which is far off the 6500K.


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