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Apple iPhone 9 Might have a September 2018 Launch

Rumors are rife that Apple is going to launch 3 handsets this year and chances are that there will be a bigger version of iPhone X, an iPhone XI and a cheaper iPhone which the industry experts are calling iPhone 9. This phone is going to be cheap only by Apple’s standards, market wise it is going to cost a fortune, as usual. As of now nothing is clear except for the strong rumors that suggest that this phone will have a larger screen and will have features that are a mix of iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

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iPhone 9 Launch Date and Price

iPhone 9 is almost certain to launch in September 2018 given that Apple always launches its phones in September and all the rumors are also strong for the same time line. A renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kua has claimed that iPhone 9 will cost between $ 600 and $ 700. This price makes it cheaper that iPhone 8.

Another industry expert has suggested that Apple will be keeping this phone cheap in order to create an attractive entry point for the brand and penetrate the smart phone market further.

iPhone 9 Might Lose its Number

Given that Apple has removed the number in the names of Macbook and iPads, industry analysts are expecting that iPhone 9 may lose its number too and will be launched without the 9 in its name. the company is also expected to make changes in its core designs and come up with a phone that might be a sequel to iPhone8 and name can be iPhone 8S too.

Apple iPhone 9 Specifications

Here is an analysis video of this phone to give Apple fans a taste of what is to come. Check it out.

If you look closely, you will realize it has a single camera and a 6.1 inch display. Analysts are reckoning that iPhone 9 will have an aluminum body rather that stainless steel and will come in all the regular apple colors along with the bold blue and orange shades.

The phone is speculated to have 3 GB of RAM and might not have two very important features, 3D touch and the glass back. A missing glass back panel means, this cannot be charged wirelessly. Further, the phone is rumored to completely use an Intel modem.

Everything about Apple iPhone 9 is only a rumor/speculation so far. Now that September is just 2 months away, it won’t be much difficult to wait and see what is Apple going to do to surprise its fans in 2018. Let’ see.

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