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Apple is working on a new chip for the iPhone 14, this time it will get a strong battery!

The fans of iPhone are eagerly waiting for the launch of its new model i.e. iPhone 14. Before the launch, all kinds of speculations are being made about its features. Many reports have been published in this regard. Now another information is coming out about this. Under this, you can get a better battery in iPhone 14 than in iPhone 13. This will make this phone more special. Let us know how users can get the best battery and what is the plan of the company.

Talking to new company

Actually, there is a discussion that this time Apple is preparing to replace the 5G chip. Instead, the company can talk to TSMC for the chip. TSMC is one of the largest manufacturers of chips for smartphones. According to the claims, 6nm architecture is used in TSMC’s new 5G chip. These are smaller in size than Samsung’s chip and better in terms of battery consumption. This means that you can get rid of the problem of battery drain in iPhone 14.

How many mAh battery is not clear

Although experts say that the 5G chip can definitely remove the problem of battery drain, but it consumes more power than the 4G chip. That’s why mobile companies ask to keep 5G off when it is not in use. Here we would like to tell you one thing that of course it is not clear yet how many mAh battery will be available in iPhone 14, but it can definitely be said that in iPhone 14 you will get stronger and better battery than iPhone 13.

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