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Apple iPhone 11 Price in India releasing on Sep18, 2019: know Specifications

Apple iPhone 11 brings to you a new high definition smartphone that will enhance your ability. It is arriving with a new outlook, equipped with sharp OLED screen, equipped with an upgraded camera, application of 3D validation sensor to unlock the phone, support air power wireless charging. Available in two variants like 64GB and 256 GB, the starting price is 999 dollars.

This upcoming version of iPhone has many new updated and advanced features that make this phone special. It supports 3D touch pressure sensitive operation, support for HDR display. It uses FACE I’D   face validation. In addition to the forehead light and distance sensors, integrated infrared sensors, the front camera also raised and can capture bokeh selfie. It has a wireless charging function, support of IP67 level dustproof and waterproof.

iPhone 11 is equipped with A11 bionic processor to join the AI network and AI support connected with a camera to inflate the independent design of the ISP.

Features of Apple iPhone 11:

The iPhone 11 features a borderless screen, super retina display and OLED technology. The front of the phone is made up of the profiled screen, with the full front holding only of the handset, selfie camera and sensor.

Its size is 5.8 inches and the outer frame will be of stainless steel, front and back are reinforced glass. iPhone 11 rear dual 12 million pixels camera, wide Angle lens aperture F/1.8 telephoto lens upgraded to f/2.4, it has dual lens support optical image stabilisation and the usage of four LED photo light. 7 megapixels front camera aperture of f/2.2 with a depth of field validation feature, one can take portrait selfie photo.

The original deep camera can feature almost  50 different types of facial movements.

Apple also designed a processor which works 30% faster than the A10 fusion.

From sliding the phones to unlock it, Apple has completely changed this fashion. Now the face ID recognition will help in unlocking the phone. iPhone 11 cancels the home key, and the Touch ID feature accessible on the home screen key will be replaced by the FACE ID. For this face recognition technology, Apple uses many high definition cameras like infrared cameras, environmental sensors, light sensors and many more.


Apple has taken good care of security as TOUCH ID validation accuracy is one in 50,000 but the face ID recognition is one in a billion. In other words, face ID can also achieve Brush face recognition.


iPhone 11 supports wireless charging and is compatible with Qi charging. iPhone, ape watch, airports can also be put on wireless charging. Apple launches three phones that support wireless charging.

iPhone cancels home key with the implementation of the full-screen design.

The most powerful and smart chip ever developed on the iPhone, with a neural network engine that counts up to 600 billion operations per second.


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