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ALL IN ONE: Reliance Jio plans to provide ‘100 services’ in One App
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ALL IN ONE: Reliance Jio plans to provide ‘100 services’ in One App

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance India Limited has been proactively working for its customers, by providing them various services that are helpful and useful to them. RIL is going to launch online to offline retail plans that will include providing over 100 services in One App. RIL trying to increase their customers and as a whole, they want to attract users towards their effective project.

They are planning to provide services that are in use of daily customers. Customers visit various apps to buy clothes, grocery items, household items but from now on, they can get all this in just visiting one APP.

Other countries like China have also launched this type of app. Tencent owned WECHAT model is currently working in China, it is the same as RIL is going to launch in India. Reliance is aiming to launch a ‘SUPER APP’ that will allow its users to visit one app and get their all work done in just a few minutes.

This super app will allow its users to buy goods and pay bills using its in-app payment services.  The company is focusing to create a hybrid system, where customers will be able to buy online as well as offline mode. It plans to grasp its 300 million users plus new mobile phone users. This app will help jio users in all their digital E-Commerce requirements.

RIL has been constantly launching various long term services that are useful to their users. RIL must do what WECHAT has done in China. However, in India, several online e portals have tried to replicate what but are unable to provide services for a longer time. Several apps like Flipkart, paytm, snapdeal or hike have tried this feature, but they failed miserably.

Experts predicted that RIL may provide this feature and in return, it may get positive reviews regarding that. RIL is a trustworthy long-lasting company. Experts have assumed that Ambani has the capability to introduce this feature to it.

The company has all the items available to them. And the company has all the belongings that it requires to set up this project. They have long accessing Internet facility, security setup, products, tech team to handle all the ups and downs.

After the decision of launching this app, RIL has started withdrawing their items from Flipkart, snapdeal, and other shopping sites. Above move is implemented so that RIL may launch their O2O facility.

This firm plans to benefit their users in all the circumstances and there will try to provide all the necessary items.

RIL has been working with grocery stores and consumer brands to create professionalism in this industry.

This all in one app will help its customers to buy products at a phenomenal rate and will increase their consumer’s list.


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