Allardice starts his stint as CEO of the International Cricket Council

In 2021 Geoff Allardice was chosen by the ICC as its new CEO. However, he was already a well known name in the organization prior to this appointment. It should be said that he was already holding the post on an interim basis, after Manu Sawhney’s sacking. This should result in an improvement of the competitions. Meaning that to make profitable online bets fast on 1xBet is quite an excellent choice.


“I am delighted that Geoff has decided to serve as the ICC’s CEO on a permanent basis. He has shown outstanding leadership over a difficult time that culminated in the effective delivery of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021” Greg Barclay, the chairman of the ICC, said at the time when Allardice was appointed. But of course, he is not the only one who, back then, expressed positive reactions after this appointment. Many users, who are making on 1xBet profitable online fast bets, were agree with him. 

An experienced man for the job

Allardice has extensive administrative expertise. He will surely help to significantly improve the game. In turn, this means that to try cricket betting now – 1xBet is a great prospect. It should be said that Allardice is no stranger to these kinds of tasks. Before assuming this role he was part of:


  • General Manager of the International Cricket Council;
  • and General Manager in Cricket Australia.


His huge experience will help to make cricket more attractive, so that is one of the reasons for users to visit 1xBet and try cricket betting now

Lots of positive reactions

In general, people seemed quite happy with this appointment. He is credited with knowing a lot about the inner workings of the discipline. Considering such reactions after Allardice’s appointment, people should really inquire about the chances they will find at and take advantage of them.


Allardice himself couldn’t hide his happiness after his appointment. Certainly, this marked the beginning of an interesting new chapter in the International Cricket Council.


“My emphasis will be on doing the right thing for our sport. Also, I want to ensure long-term success and sustainability by working in a close manner with members of the organization. I’d also like to express my gratitude to the ICC staff for their dedication and support over the previous eight months, and I’m excited to continue serving cricket with such a remarkable group”, and it means  1xBet to bet on cricket is a great action to be done.

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