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WWE SmackDown Results 2019 : Everything you need to know

WWE SmackDown Results 2019: It’s always fascinating to see the unexpected ends of RAW and Smackdown. Roman Reigns was all set to make a blockbuster announcement on WWE SmackDown Live as he was going to reveal his SummerSlam opponent that day. However, just as The Beast was going to make his announcement to reveal Kayla Braxton as his opponent, an entire steel structure was just pushed onto him in order to target his back.

Thankfully, Roman Reigns walked away from it unhurt, but it’s very clear that that the attacker will be his WWE SummerSlam 2019 opponent.

Anyways in this article, I speculate the five possible superstars who could have attacked The Big Dog, Roman Reigns.

Number 5: Samoa Joe

Pic Credit: WWE

Samoa Joe is the first and probably the only person you can think of if you think of as Roman Reigns’ possible attackers. Both of them have renewed their feud from last year, and this time it’s around the biggest party of the summer, the Summerslam.

RAW ended in an exciting way when Joe himself cancelled the “Samoan Summit” that he arranged this week. It led to chaos involving multiple other superstars including Cedric Alexander who was the one who ended up helping Reigns the most, taking out all the heels at the end.

Number 4: Cedric Alexander

Pic Credit: WWE

Cedric Alexander has been the 205 Live sensation and former Cruiserweight Champion joined the RAW roster but has never been used all that much since.

I admit that Alexander being the attacker will only make a little storyline sense, but stranger things like these have happened before. Alexander was not being utilized and this could be the reason of frustration for him. He was not getting opportunities and this event could also lead to a major SummerSlam match for the former champion.

As I have mentioned, this is probably the least likely to come true on this list, but there’s no doubt that if Alexander is the surprise attacker, it would shock the WWE Universe. It would also give him a big opportunity by having a SummerSlam match against Roman Reigns.

Number 3: ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

Pic Credit: WWE

As everyone knows that Bray Wyatt is already feuding with Finn Balor and is set to take on the former Universal and Intercontinental Champion at the biggest party of the summer that is the Summerslam.

He has been terrorising Reigns since his return, but that doesn’t mean that WWE can’t set up multiple feuds at the same time against anyone.

What I am suggesting here is that WWE can already set up the first big post-SummerSlam feud. That may mean that Roman Reigns won’t be on the card but that doesn’t mean that he won’t be there in some capacity or any other wrestler.

Number 2: Buddy Murphy

Pic Credit: WWE

Buddy Murphy, in my opinion, is most likely the attacker as he was spotted in the background after Roman Reigns left the stage.

Perhaps he is the most underrated and underutilised superstar on the SmackDown Live roster, he is the former 205 Live King. Murphy hasn’t really been used in any of the stories since WrestleMania 35 and that’s a real shame for him because he proved in his time at 205 Live that not only is he a world-class in-ring talent, but he is essentially the full package also.

In my opinion, Murphy being the attacker would undoubtedly be the most exciting prospect for Reigns at this SummerSlam and there’s little doubt that Murphy will deliver. He has always proven to be a “big match” type of competitor when it comes and it would be a breath of fresh air to see Roman Reigns wrestling against a fresh opponent who he has never faced before.

Number 1: Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre against Roman Reigns is not really a match that anybody wants to see at this SummerSlam, but we must agree that there is some possibility of it. McIntyre was involved in the Samoan Summit chaos that happed and has a bitter history with Reigns, facing him both at WrestleMania 35 and at WWE Stomping Grounds, where he was defeated handily on both occasions by Roman Reigns.

WWE has always been protecting McIntyre in a weird way despite his recent loss to Kevin Owens in the opening match of the night. While we also admit that we’re not thrilled at the prospect of Reigns vs McIntyre, the reality is that it makes a lot of storyline sense if seen closely.

McIntyre has been a part of Shane McMahon’s henchmen crew and Roman Reigns has been one of their prime targets, though their rivalry seemed to end in a rather abrupt manner when Kevin Owens turned face. Either way, we always hope it’s not him.

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