Will Charlton athletic be able to get into the Championship?

Experienced fans remember well how just a few years ago Charlton athletic played in the English Premier League. But times are changing rapidly, and for several years the club is not even in the Championship.

However, the current season may become a breakthrough, because the team has good chances to improve in class. Though, in order to achieve this, it will have to make maximum effort. The strengths of Charlton are:

       good selection of players;

       experienced coaches;

       level of skills of the top stars.

In terms of its potential and the selection of players, Charlton Athletics quite consistent with the level of the Championship, so now is the decisive time for the team. It has been in the dismal of the British lower divisions for too long, and it is becoming difficult to get out of there.

The team has a fairly good schedule, so it is extremely important for it not to lose points in matches with less strong rivals, which will be the key to further progress and improvement of its position in the standings.

Obviously, the club cant claim the first position, but now its still possible to fight for the top three, although the competitors are not sleeping either. In such conditions, players have to give their all at 100% in every game.

Since the team doesnt participate in cup tournaments anymore, it can fully focus on the championship, which should help it to achieve a successful result.

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