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Virat Kohli Becomes The most followed cricketer on twitter

Kohli_Tendulkar Twiiter following

Most Followed Cricketers on Twitter

Virat Kohli Becomes The most followed cricketer on twitter
In the world of Cricket, Sachin is considered as the God, Dhoni, an unparalleled captain and Ab de Villiers as a heavy hitter. But who would have thought that India’s very own Virat Kohli will be the one to take the top spot as twitter’s most followed cricketer in the world.

His fan base soars to a whopping 8.02million followers worldwide. Tailing him at the second spot is India’s little master, Sachin Tendulkar followed by Suresh Raina and then MS Dhoni.

So how did he manage to get the attention of 8million people after all? is it his style of playing, his commitment to the game or just a downright simple fact that he looks slightly better than the rest of his teammates.

Whatever it is, lets just hope we can see more actions from his side in the upcoming games ahead.

Here is a list of the top ten cricketers with the most followers on twitter.


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