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Usain Bolt is eager to race again after ‘off’ season

Usain Bolt

Following his foot injury last year and then deciding to take a short break, Usain Bolt said that he was eager to return and rule the tracks again.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

While Usain Bolt was away from the action, it was the American Justin Gatlin who took over as the world’s fastest man, bagging the gold medal in every race he took part in.

Usain Bolt said that he just took a season off and it already feels like he has retired. The Jamaican sprinter also added that he is happy that Justin Gatlin is performing well and keeping the spirit of the game and the competition between them strong.

Bolt will be starting off his 2015 season in the 400 meters Camperdown Classic in Jamaica itself but the Record holder wasn’t as keen about the event as he wanted to focus more on his 100 and 200 meters.

Bolt also expressed his desire to break his own 200 meter world record of 19.19 seconds and is working very hard to achieve it.

Talking about his retirement Bolt openly admitted that he would definitely put an end to his career by 2017.


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