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Top 10 Richest Athletes in the World



Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 10 Richest Athletes in the World

  1. Matt Ryan $43.8 million, American football

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

 Third from a sibling of four, this six foot four inch quarter back has always played a dominant role in every game he has played.

The 29 year old was signed by Atlanta falcons for a whopping $103.75 million for a contract term of 5 years. He is currently the highest paid football player with about $1.8 million of his annual income coming in from endorsements


  1. Rafael Nadal $44.5 million, Tennis

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

 Known as the king of clay, this spaniard is best known for his aggressive style and powerful shots which has earned him 14 grandslam singles titles.

Rafael earns over $30 million from endorsements alone. Some of the brands he’s benn associated with are Nike, Kia Motors, Lanvin and many more.

Nadal had even replaced Cristiano Ronaldo to represent Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani jeans for the 2011 spring/summer collection.


8. Phil Mickelson $53.2 million, Golf

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson

At age 44 Phil is no where near stopping when it comes to the game he was born to play.

Ever since he turned professional in 1992, he has won 32 PGA tour tites and 5 major championships.

However most of his income comes from his advertising side which contributes upto $48 million. He has been sgned by big names like Rolex, KPMG, ExxonMobil, Barclays, Ford just to name a few.


  1. Roger Federer $56.2 million, Tennis


Roger Federer

Roger Federer

If there is one man who has taken the world of tennis by storm then its got to be non other than the Swiss number one, Rodger Federer.

Roger Federer has by far the most numbers of Grandslam singles titles (17). He has been complimented by many experts for his speed and accurate style of play.

Roger earns $52 million from his endorsements. Some of the big companies he has signed his name with are Rolex, Nike, Gillete, Mercedes Benz.

He is currently the highest paid tennis player in the world.

 6. Tiger Woods $61.5 million, Golf

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Arguably the best golfer in the world, this 39 year old has almost always emerged victorious in every competition he has ever played

Turning pro at 1996 and going on  to win his first ever major title just a year later, there was no stopping Tiger ever since. He has 79 PGA tours wins and 14 Major championship titles to his name.

Tiger woods had stood as the most highest paid sportsman for several years that is untill EA sports had cut its ties with the golf superstar from where most part of his earnigs were contributed. However long time partners like Nike and a few other major companies are still sticking with Tiger. Tiger earns around $55 Million from his endorsements alone.

5. Kobe Bryant $61.5 Million, Basketball


Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly one of the current best Basketball player in the world. Bryant has 5 major season championships with the lakers. He also has the second highest individual points in a game to his credit at 81.

Kobe who stands 6.6 foot tall earns $31 Million from advertising big brands like Coca coal,Turkish airlines, Nubeo watches and appearing for video game promotions like Guitar Hero World Tour and Call of Duty Black Ops.


  1. Lionel Messi $64.7 Million, Football

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

  Standing at just 5.6″ his skills and speed have replaced what he lacks in height as this argentine proves time and time again that if you have a passion size doesn’t really matter.

The Barcelona winger was signed by the club when he was just aged 11. He made his entry to the main squad on 16 October 2004  at the age of 17  under Frank Rijkaard’s managing era. Messi is the winner of four Ballon d’Or titles (World Player Of The Year) and has won 6 la liga, 3 Champion’s league and 2 Copa del Rey with his spanish Club.

Messi earns $23 Million from endorsements. He has been signed by several companies like Turkish airlines with Kobe Bryant, Gillete with Roger Federer, Adidas and Samsung.

He was also featured as the main star cover for the FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 video game .


  1. Lebron James $72.3 Million, Basketball

Lebron James

Lebron James

  At Six foot eight inches tall and 250 pounds, sports critics believe Lebron James could be the best physically gifted player in the world of sports.

James was Selected by the Cavaliers in the 2003 NBA Draft, where in his debut game he scored 25 points the highest ever set by a debutant.

James has won 2 Major Championships with Miami Heat and has earned 4 MVP,11 NBA All Star, 2 MVP All Star, 10 All NBA and 3 Olympic Gold Medal achievements to his name.

Often refered to as King James, Lebron also has been signed by big companies like Samsung, Mc Donalds, Coca-Cola, Audemars Piguet, Nike and State Farm. Compared to other Basketball players, Lebron James has been by far the most marketable player with an astounding $53 Million coming in from his endorsements alone.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo $80 Million, Football

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

 Cristiano Ronaldo is always big money when it comes to him being on or off the field. This portuguese superstar has always stolen the limelight in every match that he has played. His quick movement and beautiful finishes are some of his traits not forgetting his ability to score countless goals.

In 2009 Cristiano Ronaldo became the most expensive player in the world when he joined Spanish giants Real Madrid for a record breaking £94 Million that comes to about $143 Million.

He has won 3 League titles with Manchester United, one La Liga title with Real madrid and a combined 2 Champions league title with both the clubs.

On Individual terms he has won the 2013 and 2014 FIFA Ballon d’Or award, a 2008 FIFA Player of the year and a 2008 FIFPro World Player of the year award.

Ronaldo is associated with many huge Brands. Some of them are Coca-cola, Castrol, Konami, Motorolla, KFC, Tag Heuer, Fly Emirates and Samsung.

He earns a total of $28 Million from his endorsements and $52 Million from his annual salary, making him the highest paid footballer in the world.


  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. $105 Million, Boxing

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

 Undefeated and Undisputed this power punching champion is currently ruling the world of featherweight boxing

Born in a family of boxers, Floyd’s father Floyd Mayweather Sr. Himself was a professional boxer who had once fought boxing legend Sugar Ray leonard.

Unlike many, Mayweather, Jr. had a tough upbringing as he spent his childhood between people addicted to drugs and other crimes

Mayweather began training at a very early age his ameteur record stands at an impressive   84-6.

On 11 October 1996 Mayweather fought his first ever professional bout which he won by Knock out in round 2.

Mayweather currently is undefeated with a record of 47-0 and also is a Five Division World Champion and a 10 time World Champion.

The most impressive part is his earnings as all of Mayweathers income comes from his fights only, unlike the rest of the athletes on this list who rely on endorsements.



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