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Super League first chairman Perez speaks up on UEFA’s threats to players not making international appearances

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin assessed the situation of the Super League formation, which threw the existence of the Champions League under the bus. He then stated that all Super League players might not be allowed to play for their national teams. 

“They will not be able to represent their national teams at any matches; UEFA and the footballing world stand united against the disgraceful self-serving proposal we have seen in last 24 hours from a select few clubs in Europe that are fueled purely by greed above all else.” He added in his rebellion against ESL.

Real Madrid president and the chairman of the European Super League, Florentino Perez has dismissed threats from Ceferin, who said that players participating in the Super League “will be banned from the World Cup and Euros”.

Perez replied to Ceferin’s threats in an interview with El Chiringuito on Monday, saying: “Every player can be calm because that’s not going to happen. They won’t be banned if they join the Super League.”

“UEFA is a monopoly, and it also has to be transparent. UEFA does not have a good image in its history. It has to be open to dialogue and not threatening”.

“They are the threats of someone who confuses monopoly with property.” 

“Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Chelsea will not be banned from the Champions League or domestic leagues. Impossible, I can assure you of that. One hundred percent, it won’t happen; the law protects us. This is impossible.” Perez further said in his interview.

The ESL is being formed due to the financial scarcity suffered during the Coronavirus pandemic by the clubs and the over-the-top salaries being paid to their world-class players. Therefore Perez claimed that this step was taken to ‘save football.’ Fans all around the world and players suggest differently. They have started boycotting their own club, hanging hate posters, social media rants, and even burning their owned jerseys of these clubs.

Perez also added that “There are poor quality matches, and there are other platforms for entertainment. Football has to change.” 


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