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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek interested in Arsenal ownership

Arsenal was one of six Premier League clubs – the others being Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham – to sign up to the Super League, only for it to collapse amid a wave of protests.

Just seventy-two hours after the tournament’s launch, the so-called Super League has been crushed following a revolt by fans, experts, and politicians with the clubs involved accused of pure greed and complete disregard for the supporters of all football supporters.

Fans of all six English clubs are now calling for repercussions and removing those involved, Although Arsenal’s owner Stan Kroenke of KSE (Kroenke Sports and Entertainment) is among those who are taking the most heat.

Arsenal has maintained an unimpressive form consistently for quite a while now; Kroenke’s side hasn’t played in the Champions League since the 2015/16 season. This has caused the fans to express their dislike for him. Arsenal’s recent involvement in the Super League was the perfect opportunity for them to let it all out.

Before the Gunners’ fixture against Everton, Thousands of Arsenal supporters were out in force around the stadium on Friday, lighting flares and chanting “We want Kroenke out” and “Get out of our club”.

The CEO and founder of music streaming service Spotify, Daniel Ek, said on Friday that he would be interested in buying Premier League club Arsenal if Kroenke wanted to sell the north London team.

“#KroenkeOut” was trending on Twitter, with former Arsenal player Ian Wright mentioning in with a tweet.

 “I stand with them, “The fans have every right to be out there… KSE is not fit to run the club, not fit to own the club.” Ian Wright said.

Arsenal fans protesting against Kroenke outside the stadium.

Although the word has gotten out that the Kroenke family does not plan to sell as they are committed to the club and are excited by the summer transfer plans, Josh Kroenke, son of Stan Kroenke, told the press.


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