Roger Federer- Can He Do It Again?

Roger Federer: 17-time Grand Slam champion is showing no chances of stopping as he begins his campaign in Brisbane Park (2015). Last year he missed the tournament before failing to Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals of Australian Open. But the big question coming to everyone’s mind is that can Roger do it again? Can he win more Grand Slams?

Roger Federer
Roger Federer


The Swiss Maestro looks vigorous every time he steps on the court. Roger Federer season eruption can prove to be in favor of his dominance in 2015. At a certain period of time, age is a limit for players, but Fed is tough as ever to play and win more matches as he can. Age is just a number on your passport at 33. He is still a robust force when he battles for victory or defeat. As for his longevity, nobody has won a Grand Slam after the age of 32 in the open era. But Federer has by his side his confidence, energy and strength to push his rivals into the corner to reach semi-finals. Roger still believes he has a lot more to offer showing no signs of retiring and to play in 2016 Olympics. But after his loss to Marian Cilice in US open semis and coming so close to winning Wimbledon, when he fought courageously to take Novak Djokovic to 5th set, he wasn’t able to keep the velocity going in the decider.
As he begins his 2015 campaign 2 months from now, we shall hope that Roger wins more matches and spends more time on court. He may not make a bigger impact in 2015 but he certainly will be player to watch out in the grand slam tournaments.
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