Indian Archers couple keeping India’s Medal Hope on Track

Indian archer Atanu Das shocked two-time Olympic champion Oh Jin Hyek in a nail-biting finish to make it to the 1/8 Elimination round in the men’s individual archery event ,The Indian archer shot a ’10’ to eliminate the 2012 Olympic gold medallist in a shoot-off after the match was tied at 5-5 after five sets.

The pair started with a 8 with their first bolts. The South Korean bowman then, at that point followed it up with two 9s, and Atanu could just react with a 8 and 9, losing the primary set 25-26.

The second and third sets were then parted between the bowmen, 27-27 each. The match was evened out in the fourth set, with Atanu winning 27-22.

In the fifth set, the two toxophilite shot 10, 9, 9 to be tied at 28-28. In the shoot-off, Jin-Hyek could just summon a 9, and Atanu hit the internal 10, fixing a paramount success for Indian arrow based weaponry in Tokyo.


Talking about Deepika she progressed to the quarterfinals of the arrow based weaponry ladies’ individual occasion at the Tokyo Olympics on Friday. Deepika crushed Ksenia Perova of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) 6-5 in a shoot-off to enter the last eight.

Deepika, cultivated 10th based on the positioning round held toward the beginning of the Games, won the principal set over eighth-cultivated Perova. She shot 9, 10 and 9 for an aggregate of 28, while Perova oversaw 9, 9 and 7 for a score of 25.

In the subsequent set, Deepika shot a 10 and a 9, yet a 7 on her third bolt demonstrated expensive. Perova shot 9, 8 and 10 to win the set 27-26 and level the match at 2-2.

In the third set, Deepika began firmly with a 10 and followed it up with two 9s for a sum of 28. Perova was comparably steady yet shot three 9s, giving Deepika the set 28-27 and the match lead at 4-2.

The two toxophilite shot 9, 8 and 9 in the fourth set to take a point each. Deepika actually drove the match 5-3 and was a set point away from triumph.

Be that as it may, the Indian started the fifth set with a 7, and afterward shot 10 and 8 for an aggregate of 25. Perova shot 9, 10 and 9 for 28, sending the match to a solitary bolt shoot-off.

Deepika shot a 10 on her endeavor, while Perova could just deal with a 7, sending the Indian into the quarterfinals.

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