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Opening Ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2018 – Here is How it Went

It will not be completely wrong if someone says World Cup is the biggest sporting event of all. After a long gap of 4 years, today the 21st World Cup started in Russia. With 32 teams participating in the tournament, the viewers are sure to enjoy some of the most stunning matches of all time. Like every World Cups, this year too there was a stunning opening ceremony in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia. With around 80000 people around the world, the opening ceremony of World Cup 2018 was a real stunner.

The evening started with the Brazilian legend Ronaldo walking onto the pitch with a mascot holding his hand. Soon after the legend walked, the all-time favorite Pop star, Robbie Williams joined the party. Yes. You read that right. Rolland Williams was the main attraction of the eve of the opening ceremony of World Cup 2018.

Robbie Williams, the English pop-star started the gala with his one of the most iconic songs of all time, “Let me entertain you”. The crowd joined him soon after he started wording his song. With a great atmosphere and some really great acrobatic show, the energy of the crowd in the opening ceremony of World Cup 2018 was electrifying.

However, the stadium got more excited when they came to see their native Soprano Singer Aida Gurifullina singing in the air while riding an artificial dragon. With her one of the most popular single, the crowd of Luzhniki Stadium grooved for a few minutes.

Robbie, again with the most popular singles of all time, ‘Feel’, joined the party again. With both Robbie and Aida on stage, the crowd in the opening ceremony of World Cup 2018 was literally overwhelmed. It was a moment to be cherished forever.

While these superstars were singing and dancing on the floor, the official match ball arrived in the stadium in the hands of Victoria Lopyreva, Russian Tv Presenter, and Miss Russia Winner. This is exactly the same ball which went to Space just before the World cup with an association of International Space Station. The Ball arrived in Russia on the 3rd of this month.

‘Angles’, the single for which Robbie William is known for then started with the crowd going crazy. Alongside with Aida, Robbie while singing ‘Angles,’ completely stole tonight’s opening ceremony of World Cup 2018.

As Aida Garifullina left the stage, RW started grooving on the stage signaling the crowd to join him as he started singing Rock DJ. The visitors joined him and grooved with the star as he left after an energetic 20 minutes on the pitch. With around 800 co-stars and acrobats who were on the field, constantly entertaining the crowd with something also needs a special mention.

As the stage was cleaned and wrapped, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin came up for a speech which really appreciated by the crowd too. As the Country president walked away, the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino spoke a few words and signaled to start this mega tournament.

In a word, the opening Ceremony of World Cup 2018 was short but it was really crisp and entertaining. Robbie Williams set the stage on fire with his favorite singles of all time and then started the curtain-raiser match of the evening as the host Russia took on the Middle-East king Saudi Arabia.

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