Lionel Messi is One of the reasons why Argentina can still win the World Cup despite a Draw against Iceland

The start of the world cup campaign for Argentina was not that good as they drew against the 6th seeded team, Iceland on Sunday. Iceland put up a great show in their defence and blocked the South American giants to clinch the game away from them. However, Argentina was offered few opportunities which could have converted and eventually they could have won the game quite comfortably.

The most talking point of this match was the missed penalty from the greatest of all time, Andres Lionel Messi. After Iceland equalized the goal of Aguero, Argentina was given a penalty, but was not converted as the Iceland Goalkeeper saved the shot off Messi. Though the team has now got only 1 point in the group table, here are the reasons why Argentina can still make it to the finals and win the world cup 2018.

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1. Great Attacking Squad

There is no doubt about the fact that Argentina has one of the most powerful attacking squads in this tournament. With Lionel Messi leading from the front alongside with Dyabla and Aguero, the forward looks quite promising when compared to other teams. Moreover, Angel Di Maria will also be playing a role in the forward with his bag full of experiences. Thus, if Argentina can clear their group stages, there are some real chances that Argentina might lift the cup this year.

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2. Impact of Lionel Messi

Be it his Club team Barcelona or his National team Argentina, Messi is one of those players who always leave an impact in the game as long as they are on the pitch. Thus, Messi along with their side, Argentina will have a great confidence boost as they face their opponents in the tournament. Moreover, with Lio’s current form, there are no doubts that this Argentinean team have the capability to win this world cup. The reason the same is, it is only Lionel Messi who took the teams this far, as they could have eliminated from the world cup qualifiers held earlier this year. It was Messi’s hat-trick which helped to swipe away Ecuador and qualify for the main tournament. Thus, presence of Lionel Messi will have a great impact in the squad and with the help of which Argentina can be the champions this year.

3. Points table

Argentina is playing in Group D, which is in fact not at all an easy group as it looks currently. With Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria, Lionel Messi’s team have to face some real challenges to qualify for the 2nd round of the tournament. With 3 points, Croatia is leading the group, followed by Argentina and Iceland with 1 point each. Nigeria is placed last in the group with 0 points. Thus, according to the statistics, if Argentina can win both of their remaining games then they will finish the group with 7 points. Croatia is playing really well and they might claim a win against Iceland. Thus, if Argentina focused on the pitch and claim 2 wins, Croatia and Argentina are the one who will be going for the next round from this group.

Argentina is now focussing on clearing the group stage as they faced a draw against Iceland, which could end their campaign. Thus, if they can qualify for the next round, Argentina has real potential to win this year’s world cup with ease.

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