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Argentina vs. Portugal: Messi and Ronaldo might face-off in the Quarter Finals

The 2018 world cup already presented us with some of the greatest matches of all time. Not only this, we have also seen some shockers in the tournament too. Germany crashing out of the tournament in the first round needs a special mention. However, the world is eagerly waiting for a match that never took place in the World Cup history. The two greatest of all time, Messi and Ronaldo might face each other, if their team can win their next individual matches. Here we will discuss the team’s performance this year and see what are the chances of seeing Argentina Vs. Portugal in the quarterfinals. As Argentina will face France and the winner of this match will face Portugal vs. Uruguay winner.

Portugal’s Chances to advance to the quarters: Ronaldo makes it to Argentina vs. Portugal

Portugal’s performance in this World Cup was quite fine and they can easily pull off their encounter against Uruguay. Ronaldo, being one of the highest scorers with 4 goals, just after the Englishman Harry Kane, is a real matchmaker in this tournament. Portugal had matches against teams like Spain, Iran, and Morocco. The Portuguese showed some great skills and drew their first group encounter with Spain. Apart from that, Morocco was seen playing some great football against Portugal and eventually Drew that game too. However, the win against Iran fixed their appointment with Uruguay in the round of 16. Louis Suarez’s side will not be an easy opponent to play against, but with the current form of Portugal, I can say Portugal is qualifying to the quarterfinals of the tournament and with that we get may get to see a thrilling Argentina vs. Portugal match.

Argentina’s Chances to advance to the quarters: Messi makes it to Argentina vs. Portugal

Though the overall campaign of Argentina was not remarkable with a win percentage of 33% in their group stage, one might say that this team has the full capability to advance to the next round of the tournament. Argentina was only 5 minutes away from the exit door of the tournament when Marcus Roho, the right-back scored a beautiful volley to seal a place in the round of 16. Argentina will face France in the pre-quarterfinal stage of the tournament. If Lio Messi’s side can overcome the French barrier, then the world will be gratified to see one of the greatest football matches of time, Argentina vs. Portugal. France does have a better overall team performance, but fans all around the world are hoping for some magic from the little magician in the round of 16 match. The record of these of teams playing against each other takes Argentina’s side with 2 wins more than that of France. With the boosted confidence at the last minute, Argentina is sure to deliver a great performance against the Les Blues.

In a word, it can be well said that for the first time in World cup history, the world can experience a dream match between Argentina vs. Portugal. But more than Argentina and Portugal, it will be Messi vs Ronaldo in the quarterfinals.

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