Pogba and Mourinho not in good terms

Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho haven’t really had the friendliest of relations for some time now. The 24-year-old midfielder was seen as a promising prospect for the Red Devils after his re-entry to the club back in 2016, but with the season nearing its end, Mourinho losing his patience and Pogba yet to play his worth (£89.3 million) a dark cloud seems to loom over the fate of the player and his manager.

Some believe that it is Mourinho being typical, that is, fuming over Pogba’s lack of actions in the field. A few others claim Paul Pogba is not happy with the position the Portuguese want him to play which is the main reason why he is not able to play to his full potential. There are also wild claims that Real Madrid is showing their interest in Pogba and may offer a bid for the Frenchman during the coming Summer transfer season.

United fans, on the other hand, have had mixed reactions, some don’t really seem to mind Pogba moving to another club in the hopes of a better replacement while a few others are still optimistic about his future in the club

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