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Five Football records that are almost impossible to break

Football is one of the most famous sports which is being played from years and we have seen many ace players come and go. Football was first played in the mid nineteenth century in England and till date it is played with a lot of passion and dedication towards the game.

There are records in every sport out of which some can be broken while the other ones are almost impossible to recreate. For instance, if we take cricket, Sachin Tendulkar’s record of scoring 100 international centuries is almost unimaginable to break. Here we will talk about five such records that are almost impossible to break in Football.

#1 Most Goals scored a Goalkeeper

This is one of the greatest records to possess for any goalkeeper out there as their primary job is to save goals but if they get to score goals as well, that is an absolute blessing for a team. This rare record is scored by the Brazilian player Rogério Ceni as he netted the ball 129 times for his side.

#2 Most Goals by any Player

Everyone knows that this record is held by the all-time great footballer Pele. It’s not surprising that this record is also held by a Brazilian which definitely makes it one of the best sides around the globe.

If we go as per the official data, then Pele has smashed 1,281 goals in his lifetime but if we consider the unofficial numbers, then it’s Josef Bican , a Czech-Austrian footballer who has 1,468 goals to his name. Considering both the records, they are almost unbreakable.

#3 Most spectators recorded in a Football Match

Football matches never fail to attract audiences but it is almost impossible to believe that there were around 1,73,850 people at the Maracana Stadium watching the 1950 FIFA World Cup final match between Brazil and Uruguay. This number increases furthermore if we go as per unofficial date, this number increases massively to 1,99,854.

#4 Most Goals scored in a Match

It is almost impossible to digest the fact that the most number of goals scored in a match are 149. The scoreline after the match between Stade Olympique L’Emyrne and AS Adema FC and it’s quite obvious that this scoreline will never be achieved again.

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