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CWC 2019: Prize Money that the Indian Team won

The campaign for the Indian Cricket Team ended up on 10th July, 2019 after their defeat in the semi-final clash against New Zealand. It was one of the biggest heartbreaking moments for the Indian players as well as their fans cheering for them from all over the world. India topped the League Stage table with 15 points in nine matches.

Here, we will talk about the prize money that the Indian team won at the end of the tournament. The Cricket World Cup is considered to be one of the richest tournaments throughout the world and this could be easily seen in the amount that was awarded to the ‘Men in Blue’.

The prize money for every team participating in this year’s CWC has been increased from the last time as its format has completely changed resulting in no quarter finals taking place now. Here is the Prize Money distribution for each team participating in CWC 2019:

  • World Cup Winners- $4,000,000 (up from $3,975,000 of 2015)

  • Runner-up- $2,000,000 (up from $1,750,000 of 2015)

  • Losing Semi-finalists- $800,000 (up from $600,000 of 2015)

  • Winner of each group stage match- $40,000 (down from $45,000 of 2015)

  • Teams eliminated in group stage- $100,000 (up from $35,000 of 2015)

Indian Team’s Prize Money

As mentioned earlier that the Indian Team won seven matches in their league stage which means they earned a whopping amount of $2,80,000 ($40,000×7) which results to be calculated at ₹1,90,40,000 (taking the conversion rate as 1 USD = 68 INR). This is the money that they earned at the end of the league stage only.

The team also went on to play the semi final matches which added another handsome amount of $800,000 (₹5,44,00,000). In totalling up all the money that they won in this edition of the World Cup, the amount comes out to be $10,80,000 which results to ₹7,34,40,000 (Seven Crores Thirty Four Lakhs and Forty Thousand Rupees) when converted in Indian rupees.

The Indian Team won ₹17,22,50,000 in the 2011 edition where they were the champions while managed to earn just ₹5,74,20,000 in the 2015 season where they ended their campaign in the semi-finals just like the 2019 season.

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