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Chelsea Win the Capital One League Cup

Chelsea Win the Capital One League Cup
Chelsea Win the Capital One League Cup

Chelsea the Capital One League Cup
Chelsea are the new Capital one league Cup Champions for this year after beating Tottenham Hotspurs 2-0 in a very close game and action packed game. This will be Chelsea’s fifth League Cup won and a third under the reign of Jose Mourinho

Wembley played host to the finals of the Capital one cup, both Chelsea and Tottenham gave their everything to win the cup.
Tottenham quickly began attacking Chelsea’s defense in the first half. Luck was not on Eriksen’s side as a free kick attempt only managed to hit the side bars, but it was a message for Chelsea that more threat was eminent from the spurs side.
It was in the stoppage time of the first half that John Terry was able to take advantage of Willian’s free kick and moved on to score the first goal for Chelsea.
After half time just 10 minutes later Diego Costa attempted a shot on goal which got deflected by Walkers foot sending goalkeeper Hugo Lloris in the wrong direction and the ball inside the goal.
Chelsea almost made it 3-0 when Fabregas’ attempted a header which ended up going wide off the mark.
By the time the closing hours neared, Spurs went head on attack and tried their best to penetrate through the powerful defence line up of Chelsea. Both Eriksen and Kane of Tottenham had a near goal opportunity which didn’t go their way.
The man of the match was awarded to John Terry.

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