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A Tie and ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is Coming to India

A Tie and ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is Coming to India

A Tie Can Seal The Deal For India 

There are very a few things in the ICC Cricket world Cup that can unite the entire universe into one single terrene. Sports of course attain the prime spot in doing so. And a world cup of probably one of the most celebrated game in the world is a different temple all together. Cricket is what we are talking about.


Being an Indian, your childhood was really sad if you had to eye upon our daily soaps during a crucial India-Pakistan match. A country where people start judging you if your knowledge about cricket is fairly limited, a country where cricket is not merely a sport but a religion and cricketers are god, a nation that speaks cricket, drinks cricket and most importantly Bleeds Cricket, the significance of a cricket world cup is not less than that of Science in NASA. During a world cup and specially Ind-Pak match, Indians are more patriotic than while celebrating their national festivals. So what exactly will Dhoni’s boys have to do retain their championship and repeat the magic of 2011?

Although, the prayers of 1.2 billion people is more than hefty to make sure that India wins the ICC Cricket world Cup but there is something else in the mouth of history too. Something that’ll assure India’s victory in the ongoing ICC Cricket world cup.

A Tie match. History says that whenever Dhoni’s team is involved in a tie match in any tournament, they win that tournament. For instance, back in 2007, India was humiliated in the 50 over world cup under the leadership of Rahul Dravid. In the same year came the t20 world cup. Dhoni’s selection as the captain came as a shock and no one really gave this new, young and vibrant Indian team a chance. The first match of India in the tournament was a tie against Pakistan. Later, India went on to win the tournament becoming the first ever country to become the T20 champions

This is not it, in 2010, Dhoni’s Chennai Superkings was involved in a tie match against Kings-eleven Punjab. Chennai won the IPL that year.
In the same year, CSK was involved in a tie game against Victoria in Champions league. CSK won the Champions league that year.


And the biggest of all came in 2011 Cricket world cup. India’s match against England ended up as a tie. Indians become the world champions that year after 28 years. Dhoni was the captain in all these instances mentioned above.

icc cricket world cup 2013 winner
icc cricket world cup 2013 winner

These facts clearly suggest that a tie game can guarantee Indian’s their third world title.
Although, on other instances, Dhoni’s team has won the tournaments even without getting involved in any of the tie game. For eg. Champions league title in the year 2014, IPL champions in the year 2011 and Champions Trophy winners in 2013. So even if we do not indulge in a tie game, we can still win the cup. And the way Indians have performed in the first 3 games, other teams will surely have a tough time against India.