760 goals, Cristiano becomes the Top-goalscorer of all time!

Cristiano Ronaldo was recognized as the highest professional goalscorer in the history of football on Wednesday after capping his 760th goal to help Juventus beat Napoli 2-0 in the Italian Supercup.

The 35-year-old Cristiano’s record beating the Austro-Czech striker Josef Bican’s supposed total tally of 759. However, the Czech Football Association says Bican’s total is 821 goals And is insisting that he needs another 62 to surpass Bican’s tally.

Ronaldo started his career at a Portuguese club; Sporting CP, where he scored 4 goals. Then in 2003-2009 during his period at Manchester United, he scored 118 goals. Thereafter from 2009-2018, he was signed up by Real Madrid, wherein 438 appearances Ronaldo scored 450 goals, becoming the club’s highest goalscorer in history. At his current club, Juventus he has scored 86 goals till now in 109 appearances, along with his international career of 102 goals at Portugal it all totals up to a booming 760 back-of-the-net seeking shots.

The argument here was many of the matches where Bican scored were amateur and reserve club matches or unofficial international matches. Jaroslav Kolář, the Head of the Czech Football Team committee tweeted, “The History and Statistics committee of the Czech FA counted all the goals scored by the legendary Josef Bican and we can declare he scored 821 goals in official matches.” Despite that fact, the international football research site RSSSF (Rec. Game Soccer Statistics Foundation) says the information is mostly absent from the 1952 season in the Czech second division.

Along with that Brazilian legend Pelé, claims to have scored more than 1,000 career goals, much of which the data does not seem scrutinized. Unfortunately, due to imprecise information about his career, we can’t tell how many official goals he scored. The most accurate data shows that Pelé scored 757 official goals all including Domestic tournaments while playing for Santos and Cosmos, and goals for the Brazilian National Team.

The statistics at this point are uncertain, but scoring 760 goals for someone in his mid-30s is a big feat in itself.


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