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What is considered to Be a Good Deal When Buying a Used Car:




hile buying a used car, despite having considered several factors, some deals may seem too good to be true; or even not so good at all. Treading carefully whilst doing your own proper research is usually the best way to go, but here is also a quick guide to make sure you get the best deal when buying a used car:

  • Setting and Sticking to the Budget: The first step to ensure a good deal is to set a budget for your purchase and to stick to the budget. While factors such as manual/automatic, petrol/diesel, and smaller/larger engines also affect the price of the car that you want to purchase; you would also need to consider factors such as insurance costs as well.
  • Choose Wisely: Once you’ve set the budget for yourself, you also have to decide which car is the most suitable for you as per your needs. Picking the right model helps to figure out the next step, and opens more options to explore, such as whether to go through a private seller, or an authorized dealership.
  • Choose a reliable/reputable dealer: While researching online, you may find a better deal from a private seller, but as attractive as the deal may be, you would still need to be careful so as to stay wary from fraudulent sales. Going through a reputable dealer assures you of quality, as every car is thoroughly checked. At CarSwitch, every car is hand inspected by experts, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Used cars in Abu Dhabi are required to undergo quality checks before they are sold. Apart from quality checks, these cars also come with warranty, hence this keeps you covered for any issues which may come up in the future.
  • Check the Vehicle History Report: Using the car’s vehicle identification number to check its history is the next step to finalizing a good deal. A common factor mostly skipped everywhere, many consumers reported issues later on after purchasing used cars in Sharjah; reiterating the importance of checking the vehicle history report when purchasing your pre-owned car. And it has been made even easier to do that now, with the help of the internet.
  • Test Drives: Going on a test drive is equally important to ensure you get the best deal. When you take the car for a test drive, you can check for any red flags or any issues which may need repair- such as fluid leakage, or any engine related issue. While taking a test drive, you can also check for factors such as mileage. A car with an odometer with a reading below 130,000 kms is a healthy car and a good deal.
  • Negotiate the Best Price: Once you have done your research well, and have made your choice; after checking all parameters, going on a test drive; the next step is to negotiate the best price for your car. While you may get a better deal if you are trading in, but even if you are not, you can use the information that you have gathered in your car search and agree to a fair price to make sure you get the best deal for your money.
  • Close the Deal: The final step would be to close the deal with correct and proper paperwork. Handling the payment correctly is equally important while closing the best deal for your car. These factors are still to be considered whether you opt for an authorized dealer or even a private seller.

All these factors put together makes for an ideal guide to help you at the time of buying a used car. It protects your hard earned money, ensures that you invest it in the right place and also gives you the best product for your family. Also, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. When you know exactly what you want and deserve, nobody can trick you into buying anything else.