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Tips On Buying A Used Electric, Hybrid Car



Tips On Buying A Used Electric Hybrid Car

We all know how stressful it can be to buy a new set of wheels. Add a monkey wrench like puchasing a used car powered by the unconventional power source we are all familiar with – electricity. This is an ordeal you can probably do without.

But, with the number of new cars in Abu Dhabi steadily growing every year, now might be the right time to switch to an electric/hybrid ride.

Used car resellers such as Carswitch deal with used hybrid/electric cars which will help you work towards a better future without breaking the bank. With the help of such companies, it is easy to sell cars in Sharjah more than ever.

Gone are the days when electric cars were sluggish and boring golf carts. Nowadays, they’re ultra-quick sedans practical family cars, ultra-quick sedans, luxurious SUVs, compact hatchbacks. If you’re looking at buying a used battery-powered vehicle, here’s our guide with a few tips and tricks.

Some Things Never Change

Used hybrids cost less than new ones just like “regular” used cars. You will probably save money on insurance. One can easily track the service history with the use of the vehicle identification number. Or, you can buy one with a factory-backed warranty if it’s a certified used hybrid car.

Since these cars combine gasoline engines with electric drive, hybrids have most of the same mechanical components and issues that traditional vehicles have. Buyers who are considering used hybrid cars still need to check on the usual things such as tire and brake wear, fluid leaks, body and interior condition, paint, and service history. The latter is often obtained from sellers’ receipts or dealership records .

What Makes Used Hybrids Different

Because of the technology involved in hybrids, the challenges of buying a used car reaches a new level. Hybrids have an electric drive system with computerised electronic controls along with the traditional gasoline powertrain. They have large battery packs with limited lifespans. Depending on the design of hybrids, different mechanical systems might be in place when compared to regular vehicles. All these components help hybrids to deliver a greater fuel economy.

Check The Records

The service record of a used hybrid must be thoroughly checked. This is the first and most important step a potential buyer must take. Maintenance is crucial, and the service record will help you understand how well and often the car has been tended to.

Since hybrids are largely computer controlled. The car is designed in a way to protect the hybrid system. The computer decides how it will respond to requests to accelerate, enable brakes or perform other tasks that can cause wear and tear. This is a good thing because when considering used hybrids you don’t to have to worry about driving abuse.

The regenerative braking systems of hybrids usually use the electric motor to slow the car, hybrids’ brakes are known to last much longer than brakes on conventional cars. This can help you save expenses on regular maintenance costs. Although, if maintenance records show frequent brake jobs, you’ll want to check if other mechanical parts haven’t been prematurely worn too.

The Test-Drive

If you have never driven an electric car, that first drive can be somewhat astonishing. Hybrids don’t sound or feel the same as regular cars. Hybrids use electric power-assist steering, which may not be as responsive as the hydraulically assisted steering. Because the gas engine is usually smaller along with the assistance of an electric motor, the sounds from the engine bay differs from the traditional cars.

For the untrained ear, it can prove to be difficult to determine whether a hybrid’s powertrain is making noises that signal immediate repairs or maintenance. Some hybrids can be dead silent for the first few kilometres of driving because they operate solely on the electric motor power.

Independent Inspection

Because hybrids come with a lot of complex control and powertrain technology, it’s essential to find a hybrid mechanic competent enough to inspect a used model.

Used electric cars sold by dealerships usually come with warranties. But it’s advisable to have an independent mechanic check things out.