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How to Work with Negative Reviews

No one wants to get negative reviews. Every business works hard to get positive reviews. However, not all customers are satisfied with the services they get or the products they buy. So, it is inevitable that a business will eventually get bad reviews. But, negative reviews are not bad for business. They can point you in the right direction, and help you make positive adjustments. Positive reviews will indeed drive customers to your store or website. However, they can also seem suspicious, especially when your page is filled with 5-star reviews. So, how do you deal with negative reviews? What is the best approach of working with negative reviews? Well, below are a few tips to help you answer these two questions.

Avoid Getting Defensive

It is human to want to get defensive. While in an argument, people often focus more on protecting their opinion or perspective than having the argument. Even though this is a natural instinct, while dealing with a customer, one can come off as rude and arrogant.

Do not fall into the trap of using phrases like “it is not fair” and “you always.” These phrases implicate the client, and avoid dealing with the issue at hand. You need to show that you are taking responsibility. So, use statements that start with “I” or “We.” Reassure the client that the issue is being looked into, and that it will be sorted. Ensure that the business’s reputation is not tainted from the exchange.

Avoid Reacting on Impulse

Again, it is natural to want to react on impulse. We are emotional beings, and negative reviews can at times make you want to give the client a piece of your mind. While this will make you feel good temporarily, it will ruin your relationship with that particular client. So, you need to take some time off, calm down, and then find an apt way of responding to the client.

You may consider some physical distance or leaving the review for a few days. Remember, your goal is to make sure the client comes back. Also, you want to send a message to potential clients that you take care of your clients. So, do not reply on impulse.

Handle the Complaint Offline

Monitoring your reviews is key to ensuring that all your negative reviews are being dealt with. So, how best can you do this? Well, you should consider using a reputation management platform. Such a platform will help you monitor all your reviews, and flag your negative reviews.

After identifying your negative reviews, you have to find ways to deal with them. However, rarely will you be able to resolve all the issues online. At times, you will have to take the matter offline. Reach out to the client, and try to fix the situation. Doing this leaves the client confident in your services. You also sell your business as a personable entity, and this could earn you more great reviews.

Gather more Information

Getting a negative review can cause you to react irrationally. However, the apt approach should be to gather more information. You cannot respond aptly if you do not understand how a client arrived at their conclusion concerning your products or services. So, you need to gather more information, and then determine what you wish to achieve with your response. You want to create or leave a certain impression with your response, right? Then know why the review was placed, and then act. You may act fast and respond, only to realize that the mistake was on your side. So, as already told, do not act on impulse, and gather more information.

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