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How to Choose Earrings

As you know, earrings are some of the must-have accessories. If you select them well, they can improve your best features. Fine jewelry not only helps to supplement color but also personality to any clothing. But when selecting the jewelry to put on, there are several things that you should put into consideration. From picking the type of jewelry to buy and choosing a metal as well as gemstones you like, it can be rather daunting. It is better to leave the majority of these choices to personal preference since going for rel=”nofollow”>earrings online shopping can be exasperating and overwhelming.

Most fashion icons would tell you to go ahead and pick the earrings you love. However, if you want to ascertain that the earrings you pick will look the most gratifying on you, it is better to deliberate the style as well as the shape of the earrings. Additionally, you need to identify how they will look with the shape of your face. Luckily, below are some tips and guidelines that can help you figure out your face shape and how to pick the best earrings for it.

Select earrings that match your face shape

Look at the shape of your face. Is it heart-shaped, oval, square, triangle, or long? Try choosing earrings that are not similar to your face features. Go for earrings that are similar to the shape of your face.


Pick earrings on the basis of your hair length and color

If you have golden or blonde hair, gold earrings are the perfect match for you. If you have dark hair consider choosing platinum or silver earrings. If you have red hair and want to rock that stunning look, you should consider buying rose gold earrings. And, if you have short hair, the ideal choice of jewelry to buy is long earrings. Not only are they sparkling but also help make a statement.

Put on earrings that are perfect for your lifestyle

Where will you have earrings on? If you have to put on your earrings in a conservative office, select typical styles in silver and gold. Do not go for big hoop or dangle earrings. You will have a lot of free time to show your disposition as well as not think much about simple studs.

Select earrings that are in tune with your style

What is your preference style and what type of outfit do you like. If you are a romance style person and are into feminine clothes, you need to pick earrings with rounded and curvy details. But, if you love drama and the city chic style, go for earrings with straight edges, and geometric jewelry in rectangular, triangular and square designs.

If you love creativity, go for bright and sparkling earrings. And if you want timeless classics, go for simple, minimalist style hoops, pearl earrings in silver and gold.

Skin color matching

Identify your skin type using seasons. If you have a warm and yellow peach undertone in your skin, you are of the autumn and spring. If you have a blue or pink undertone in your skin, then you are of the winter and summer. Silver can make you look stunning and attractive.

In conclusion, there is a vast assortment of earrings to choose from for various occasions. This can be rather daunting and exasperating. However, if you keep the simple rules above, it will be easier for you to choose the best earrings for that particular event.

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