Sony hack: Obama vows response as FBI blames North Korea

Obama blames the Sony company of backing down and giving into threats by the hackers who called themselves the GOP (Guardians of Peace) from North Korea.

The President also stated that no country has the rights to impose restrictions or banning of any movie of any kind which is made in another country.


Sony’s CEA Michael Lyntonn in his defense said that they never backed down on any kind of threat and that it was the theater owners across the country who did.


Top movie theaters declined to show the James Franco, Seth Rogan Starrer movie ‘The Interview’ because of the hackers threatening the lives of those who plan to watch the movie. Lyntonn said that it was because of this action by the heater owners that led them to stop the release of the movie on Christmas day and are looking for other platforms where the movie can be shown.


The movie is based on two guys who are attempting to assassinate the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. There are scenes where the face of the North Korean despot is seen melting in a slow motion. Such scenes are also being put on talks whether to censor it or not.


FBI had confirmed through their investigation that the hackers were from North Korea.


However on Thursday, the GOP hackers through pastebin had sent an e-mail which read that the movie makers had suffered enough and that they were free to release it, thereby lifting the ban.


The hackers had earlier stolen millions of files from the Son Computer Networks in a bid to halt the release of the movie.

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