Rahul Gandhi quits as Congress party president

Following months of tussle with his own party colleagues, Rahul Gandhi has finally resigned from Indian National Congress party president position.
In an tweet on his official twitter handle the Gandhi scion announced his resignation.

Having already announced his willingness to resign Mr Gandhi was expected to change his mind following pressure from his own party members.

In the tweet put out by his official handle Mr Gandhi accused principal ruling Hindu nationalist party lead by Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying “we didn’t fight a political party… we fought the entire machinery of the Indian state”.
“I owe the country and my organisation a debt of tremendous gratitude and love”, he followed.

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In the world’s largest electoral exercise earlier this year incumbent Bhartiya Janata Party led by Prime Minister Modi stormed back to power on even bigger mandate which was highly unexpected and happened first time in about couple of decades in India’s history.

In this crucial election Mr Gandhi lost Amethi, an traditional Congress bastion heldsince Gandhi Prime Minister’s, in most populous and electorally crucial northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Mr Gandhi was also the leader of Congress while it suffered its worst ever defeats in Indian electorate in 2014 and 2019, winning just 44 and 52 respectively of India’s 543 seats.

Following his resignation there has been an mixed response on Twitter, including mockery of the democracy in the grand old party.

Political pundits and others are eager waiting for the future leader for the Congress party.

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