YouTube Channels and others were banned on January 20 by Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Audio and visual contents are the most effective way to influence people. Such contents can be helpful for providing appropriate information to the people but on the same side it can misguide people because many people are uneducated and unable to distinguish between what is right and wrong but they know how to use the phone. So, watching misleading information can hamper the unity and harmony in the society.

So, Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting ban – 35 YouTube Channels

2 websites

2 Twitter Account

2 Instagram Account

1 Facebook Account

These channels and websites are operating from Pakistan and they are spreading Anti – India disinformation.

This wasn’t the first time that the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting banned channels and websites. Many times, countries stand against such activities but this time, the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting used Emergency power under Information Technology ( Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Code) Rules 2021.

After using the power, the channels and websites were banned in approx 24 hours of time.

The agenda behind such channels, websites and other accounts is to enable people to become a threat to peace and security in the nation by spreading Anti India disinformation.

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