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Turkish private Jet flying from UAE to Turkey crashed, 11 killed



private Jet

Yesterday, a private Jet flying from the United Arab Emirates to Istanbul crashed owing to the heavy rain. The Turkish jet was flying with a group of young women. As per the authorities the total of 11 people killed in the crash that took place in the mountainous region of Iran.

As per the wordings of the General Civil Aviation Authority in UAE, the flight took off from Sharjah International Airport and was on its way towards Istanbul. According to today’s report official recovered ten bodies in the Zagros Mountains in the exteriors of the Shahr e Kord. It is nearly about 370 km south of Tehran.

It was not clear yet that what the exact reason which caused this crash was. With the help of investigators the black box of aircraft was found and tried out by investigators to piece together that what was the primary cause.

Authorities of Sharjah Civil aviation alleged that the plane comprises six Turks as well as two Spaniards. Remaining three was the flight crew. The plane of identified as a Bombardier CL604 by Turkey’s private Dogan news agency. The transport ministry of Turkey supposed that the plane belongs to Basaran Holding. The flight carried daughter of the chairman of Basaran investment Holding along with her friends who had celebrated her bachelorette party in Dubai.

The FlightRadar24, a flight tracking website noted that the private jet took off at 4:41 on Sunday. It reached a cruise altitude of about 35000 feet. It was about 6:01 pm it seems to be something wrong with the flight. And it fastly gained altitude and after that instantly dropped drastically within a few minutes.

Basaran earlier posted some images on social media of the bachelorette party which includes eight young women. Amid those images which were posted she posted pics on tarmac carrying flowers by wearing a denim jacket.

In February there was a crash in Southern Iran, of an Iranian ATR-72, a twin-engine turboprop, employed for short distance regional flying. This crashed killed about 65 passengers who are on the board.

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UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive for COVID-19




The U.K’s. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the nation’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock have both tried positive for coronavirus, the administration said Friday. Their indications are depicted as gentle, and they are self-segregating.

In a tweet, Johnson stated: “Throughout the most recent 24 hours I have created gentle indications and tried positive for coronavirus. I am presently self-separating, however, I will keep on driving the administration’s reaction using video-meeting as we battle this infection.”

In a video inserted in the tweet, he said his indications were “temperature and a persevering hack.” He underscored the message that he kept on driving the administration. “Be in no uncertainty that I can proceed – on account of the wizardry of present-day innovation – to speak with all my top group to lead the national fightback against coronavirus.”

He finished the video by accentuating the significance of social separating and supporting the endeavors of the National Health Service (NHS): “Thank you to everyone who is doing what I am doing – telecommuting. Stop the spread of the infection from the family unit to the family. That is how we are going to win.

“We are going to beat it, and we are going to beat it together. Remain at home. Secure the NHS and spare lives.”

Johnson, whose life partner is pregnant with their first kid, has been open looking for quite a long time, showing up before cameras pretty much consistently close by different pastors and U.K. Chancellor Rishi Sunak for the administration’s day by day coronavirus press preparation, which is broadcast.

The pioneer’s analysis comes only one day after it was affirmed that Prince Charles has additionally tried positive for the infection, as affirmed by Clarence House. The beneficiary to the British position of authority is the nation’s first imperial to have contracted coronavirus.

Prior this month, Canada’s head administrator Justin Trudeau set himself in social separation after his accomplice, Sophie Trudeau, tried positive for coronavirus. In the interim, EU boss arbitrator Michel Barnier likewise tried positive for coronavirus a week ago.

The U.K. is pondering 11,658 instances of COVID-19, with 578 passings to date.

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Man dies from hantavirus in China: know about this virus



Man dies from hantavirus in China know about this virus

There is no end to viruses in China after the ‘killer’ Coronavirus,  a number of other diseases are also rearing their ugly heads. Cases of swine flu and bird flu have already been reported in India and other countries. Now, a man from China has tested positive another deadly virus hantavirus.

China’s Global Times tweeted that the man from Yunnan Province died while on his way back to Shandong Province for work on a bus on Monday. The 32 other people on the bus were also tested for the virus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hantaviruses are a family of viruses which are spread mainly by rodents and can cause varied diseases in people.

It can cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS)

The disease is not airborne and can only spread to people if they come in contact with urine, feces, and saliva of rodents and less frequently by a bite from an infected host.


Signs & Symptoms

Early symptoms of HPS include fatigue, fever, and muscle aches, along with headaches, dizziness, chills and abdominal problems. If left untreated, it can lead to coughing and shortness of breath and can be fatal, with a mortality rate of 38 percent, according to CDC.

HPS has a small incubation period and symptoms deliver over 1 to 8 weeks. Early ones include.

While the initial symptoms of HFRS too remain the same, it can cause low blood pressure, acute shock, vascular leakage, and acute kidney failure.


HPS can’t be passed on from person to person, while HFRS transmission between people is extremely rare.


As per the CDC, rodent population control is the primary strategy for preventing hantavirus infections.


There have been sporadic cases in India. In 2008, the Hantavirus struck the Irulas, a group of snake and rat catchers.


In 2016, a 12-year-old in Mumbai had died of the hantavirus infections.




According to Govt of Canada’s Public Health Service, one can get the disease by inhaling virus particles from rodent urine, dropping or saliva . It can happen when rodent waste is served up from vacuuming or sweeping. It can be caused due to touching objects or eating food or saliva that has been released in the air. Rat bites can also cause it but it’s very rare.


The CDC: “Rodent infestation in and around the home remains the primary risk for hantavirus exposure. Even healthy individuals are at risk for HPS infection if exposed to the virus.”


Diagnosis & Treatment


Diagnosis is difficult because symptoms can be confused with influenza, much like the coronavirus symptoms. Individuals with fever and fatigue and who are exposed to rats should be tested. In India, groups such as irulas, who hunt rats and snakes, have been found to be vulnerable.




No specific treatment is other than medical care and ICU, where oxygen therapy can help with respiratory distress. The earlier the patient reaches ICU, the better it is.




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Coronavirus: Pakistan Doctor Dies due to Lack of Access to Protection Gear



Coronavirus: Pakistan Doctor Dies due to Lack of Access to Protection Gear

A Pakistani doctor who suspected coronavirus died on Sunday after testing positive for the virus, highlighting the danger to physicians who have threatened to strike unless access to protection equipment improves.

The top health official in the country’s northern Gilgit province, Shah Zaman, said” Dr. Osama Riaz, who was screening pilgrims who had returned to Pakistan from Iran, tested positive on Friday,  he had subsequently died.

Pakistan, which borders Iran and China, two of the most affected countries, has reported three deaths and 658 infected patients, the highest number in South Asia. With a broken healthcare system and the world’s sixth-largest population of 208 million people, Pakistan remains in danger of a large scale spread of the virus, experts have warned.

Besides Riaz a couple of more doctors have also shown symptoms, officials say.

Dr Asfandyar Khan, president of staff at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad, told a news conference on Friday “We request the government to immediately provide us personal protection equipment,”.

“It is like suicide to treat patients without protection,” “If the infection spreads in hospitals, believe me, no person will be ready to touch any patient.” He threatened doctors would stop work if they and other healthcare staff aren’t given the necessary equipment by Monday.

Pakistan’s health minister Zafar Mirza held a meeting with doctors’ representatives on Saturday. “Health workforce is my first priority,” he said on Twitter. The chief of Pakistan’s national disaster management department Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal said on Friday that “12,500 pieces of personal equipment had been procured. Ventilator shortage is another issue. “We have 1,700 ventilators in public hospitals and another 600 in the private sector,” said Afzal, adding an order had been made to procure 800 more. He said an order for 200,000 N95 masks and 100,000 kits to test the virus had also been placed to enhance the country’s capacity to cater to 900,000 people.

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Nation Observes ‘Janata Curfew,’ appreciate COVID-19 Warriors , Many States Announce Lockdowns




India on Sunday continued its battle against the deadly coronavirus pandemic as it observed a nationwide ‘Janata Curfew’ today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had, in his address to the nation on Thursday, called upon people to observe a ‘Janata Curfew’ on March 22 and applaud all those fighting the coronavirus pandemic by coming out in balconies and clapping for them for five minutes.

(1.) Prime Minister Modi in his Thursday night address to the nation, people today observed ‘Janata Curfew,’ in what has been described as a ‘mock drill’ to prepare the country for a potential longer lockdown.

(2.) The PM’s call by applauding all those who are leading the country’s fight against the pandemic. While the exercise was to begin at 5 PM and continue for five minutes, it began well before the scheduled time and went on for more than five minutes.

(3.) Before the ‘Janata Curfew’ could conclude at 9 PM, as scheduled, a number of states announced complete or partial lockdowns. These include Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana etc.

(4.) On the advice of the Centre, 75 districts from various states have been out under lockdown as well; all of the country’s confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported .

(5.) The total number of positive coronavirus cases in India reached 360; three deaths due to the infection have also been reported today. While Maharashtra recorded its second death, Bihar and Gujarat registered their first cases of death due to COVID-19.

(6.) While a 63-year-old man died in Mumbai, a 38-year-old man, who had returned from Qatar, died in Patna. In Gujarat, meanwhile, a 69-year-old man with co-morbid conditions passed away due to the infection.

(7.) Indian Railways, too, has suspended all its passenger services, except goods trains, till March 31. Trains that are currently already on the run, would be allowed to reach their respective destinations. Metro services in various cities, too, have been stopped till March 31.

(8.) Ban on international flights from landing in India, for a week, also kicked in today. Also, after Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, while announcing complete lockdown in Delhi, said that no domestic flights would be allowed to land here, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)) clarified that domestic flights from the capital’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport would continue to remain functional

(9.) A number of political parties, including the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), have directed their MPs to not come to Delhi to attend Parliament tomorrow.

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WHO dispatches wellbeing alert on WhatsApp over COVID-19 pandemic



WHO dispatches wellbeing alert on WhatsApp over COVID-19 pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) has made a wellbeing alert on WhatsApp to keep individuals mindful and refreshed about the coronavirus pandemic and battle falsehood.

Facebook originator Mark Zuckerberg reported the proceed onward his web-based life stage and said that they have cooperated with the WHO to get “definitive data” about coronavirus sent straightforwardly to one’s WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp, the world’s most broadly utilized informing administration, in possessed by Facebook.

As per Zuckerberg, “With WHO Health Alerts, you can get their everyday circumstance report, which has the most recent quantities of cases by nation around the globe, just as tips on the best way to secure yourself, and answers to as often as possible posed inquiries that you can without much of a stretch send to loved ones.”

Here’s the manner by which you can check WHO wellbeing alert in regards to CORONAVIRUS on WhatsApp

To get all data from WHO on WhatsApp, one needs to spare the number +41 79 893 1892 on their telephone contacts and just content ‘Hey’ to begin.

The informing administration takes into account just about 2 billion individuals and permits the WHO to give data straightforwardly to the individuals who are needing it.

WhatsApp, which had prior made a coronavirus data centre point, will currently have the connection to the WHO Health Alert also.

The WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub was propelled in association with the United Nations Development Program, the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

The coronavirus pandemic has spread to upwards of 185 nations around the globe has just influenced more than 2,50,000 individuals and killed more than 10,000.

In December 2019 coronavirus or covid 19 outbreak was first recorded in China. But now Europe is considered as the center of the pandemic.

In Italy – where the infection has killed a larger number of individuals than in some other nation – the loss of life rose by 627 on Friday, arriving at a sum of 4,032, making it the deadliest day for one nation since the episode started.

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