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Turkish private Jet flying from UAE to Turkey crashed, 11 killed



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Yesterday, a private Jet flying from the United Arab Emirates to Istanbul crashed owing to the heavy rain. The Turkish jet was flying with a group of young women. As per the authorities the total of 11 people killed in the crash that took place in the mountainous region of Iran.

As per the wordings of the General Civil Aviation Authority in UAE, the flight took off from Sharjah International Airport and was on its way towards Istanbul. According to today’s report official recovered ten bodies in the Zagros Mountains in the exteriors of the Shahr e Kord. It is nearly about 370 km south of Tehran.

It was not clear yet that what the exact reason which caused this crash was. With the help of investigators the black box of aircraft was found and tried out by investigators to piece together that what was the primary cause.

Authorities of Sharjah Civil aviation alleged that the plane comprises six Turks as well as two Spaniards. Remaining three was the flight crew. The plane of identified as a Bombardier CL604 by Turkey’s private Dogan news agency. The transport ministry of Turkey supposed that the plane belongs to Basaran Holding. The flight carried daughter of the chairman of Basaran investment Holding along with her friends who had celebrated her bachelorette party in Dubai.

The FlightRadar24, a flight tracking website noted that the private jet took off at 4:41 on Sunday. It reached a cruise altitude of about 35000 feet. It was about 6:01 pm it seems to be something wrong with the flight. And it fastly gained altitude and after that instantly dropped drastically within a few minutes.

Basaran earlier posted some images on social media of the bachelorette party which includes eight young women. Amid those images which were posted she posted pics on tarmac carrying flowers by wearing a denim jacket.

In February there was a crash in Southern Iran, of an Iranian ATR-72, a twin-engine turboprop, employed for short distance regional flying. This crashed killed about 65 passengers who are on the board.

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70 Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Missile Attack On Mosque By Houthi Rebels



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According to medical as well as military sources, Houthi rebels have killed at least 70 Yemeni soldiers in a missile attack on a mosque in the central province of Marib. This attack was done to a mosque which was in a military camp in Marib which 170km east of Sanaa during the evening prayers on Saturday. The casualties were transported to Marib City hospital.

The fight between Yemen’s internationally recognised government backed by a Saudi-led military coalition and Iran-backed Houthis has been going on since 2014 when the rebels were able to seize the northern capital of Sanaa. According to the statement given to Saba News Agency, the Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi condemns this cowardly terrorist attack. The report did not mention the death toll though.

The President calls the actions disgraceful saying that it is confirmed the Houthis do not want to achieve peace. On the other side, the Houthis did not make an immediate claim of responsibility. The President also said that the Houthis knows nothing but death and destruction and is a cheap Iranian tool in the region. According to Al Ekhbariya television, the attack was carried out with ballistic missiles and drones.

Several thousands of Yemeni people which mostly included civilians have been killed were millions have been displaced since 2015 when Saudi Arabia along with its allies gets involved to help the Yemeni government fight the conflict against the Houthi rebels. The Saudi led coalition tried to restore the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi as the Houthis capture the capital Sanaa now the government is based in the port city of Aden.

The Houthis who still control the important Yemen urban centres deny being puppets of Iran claiming to fight against the corrupt system. This conflict in words of the United Nations is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis pushing the country to the edge of famine.

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Harsh Weather Delays Nepal Avalanche Rescue Missions



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On Friday after a heavy snowfall, an avalanche occurred at an altitude of about 3,230 metres close to the Annapurna base camp. Around four South Koreans and three Nepalis still remain missing while 200 people have been rescued after the avalanche hit.

Trekkers were en route on a Himalayan mountain near a base camp when the avalanche struck. There were four South Korean volunteer teachers and two Nepali guides missing. Heavy snowfall of about five metres(16ft) at the scene has delayed the rescue operations on Saturday.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reports, rescue operations were set to resume on Sunday with helicopters and 10 more police officers are expected to join the search on Mount Annapurna which is one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas. The avalanche has said to have occurred in an altitude of 3,230m (10,600ft) about 150 km from northwest of the country’s capital Kathmandu.

According to South Korean foreign ministry, the missing trekkers include two women in their 30s and 50s and two men in their 50s who are teachers staying in Nepal for volunteer work. Other five South Korean members of the group took shelter in the lodge before being they were airlifted to safety. According to Sandesh Pandey of Janbogo Tour Nepal who helped organize the trek said that the four missing people were part of 11-member team from South Korea.

안나푸르나에서 실종된 선생님들과 현지 가이드의 신속한 구조를 국민들과 함께 간절히 기원합니다. 설 명절을 일주일 앞두고 생사의 갈림길에서 사투를 벌이고 계실 실종자들과 가족들을 생각하니 애가 탑니다.사고수습이…

Posted by 문재인 on Saturday, 18 January 2020


On Friday, they began their descend as heavy snowfall prevented them from going higher. The five were brought to safety and the remaining two did not go up in the trek. The South Korean government have dispatched an emergency team to assist rescue efforts and help those who are affected. South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in said in a statement on Facebook that he would do his best to find the missing trekkers. He also said that his thoughts were with the families of the missing trekkers who have flown down to the city fo Pokhara and are waiting for further updates.

Hundreds of foreigners visit Nepal to climb one or the other 14 highest mountains in the world including Mount Everest. Such fatal accidents are normal as was in October 2018 where nine climbers died as a violent snowstorm destroyed their camp.

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First Time Ever A Police Officer Being Apprehended For Supporting Protests in Hong Kong



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On Friday, seven people were arrested along with an off-duty Hong Kong police officer as they tried o put pro-democracy posters on a footbridge in Tuen Mun. This is the first-ever known case where a police officer faced an arrest for supporting this massive protest going on for seven months arresting more than 65, 000 people.

At 3:00 am on Friday, the officer who was 31 years old along with seven other people aged from 14 to 61 were arrested in Tuen Mun which is a district in northwest Hong Kong. According to the police statement, they were accused of possessing objects with an intent to vandalize or destroy properties along with a suspicion of trying to attempt damage a footbridge. The police said that the group possessed things like posters, plastic scrapers, gloves and electric drills. All the eight are still held in detention for further investigations as of Friday night.


Posted by 李家偉 Kawai Lee on Thursday, 16 January 2020


According to local media reports, the group aimed to build something like a “Lennon Wall” by using collages of pro-democracy visual art which were now in trend in the past few months on walls and roads across the city. The police say that the force has an attachment of great emphasis on its members’ professional ethics and any violation of law by a fellow police officer must be handled in a serious and just manner.

Among the thousands of people who were arrested during protests around 41 of them were civil servants including 24 being from disciplines like the fire services. No police officers were arrested though there were several complaints against police personal of blinding some protestors, driving motorcycles into a march and showing a reporter’s ID card to a camera on a live broadcast.

Carrie Lam who is the city’s chief executive and a pro-Beijing appointee on Thursday said that she would not accept any complaints or accusations of police brutality or that the force had been smeared. The protests began by a trigger proposal to allow extraditions to mainland China in early June which have now evolved into a much larger revolt against China’s control over the semi-autonomous state of Hong Kong. There were several violent clashes between protesters and riot police.

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$11,000 Fine If Australian Drivers Caught Tossing Lit Cigarettes



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In wake of bushfires, a penalty that comes as officials try to handle bushfires said that Australian drivers can now be fined up to $11,000 if they are caught tossing lit cigarettes out of their automobiles.

On Friday, this penalty for throwing lit cigarettes out of vehicles took effect in New South Wales which is a southeastern Australian state that faced severe impacts due to the bushfires. The fines up to $11,000 will be exercised when the officials in the state declare a complete ban on fire which happens in cases of extreme weather and bans people from lighting fire in public by suspending fire permits.

Penalized drivers will also face up 10 demerit points for committing this offence. This is the first time this type of infraction has a demerit point penalty being enforced. This penalty is not only for drivers but also for car passengers. Passengers who throw a lit cigarette out of the vehicle during this ban would face fined up to $1,320. In fact, during times the fire ban is not in place, both drivers and passengers could also receive certain lesser penalties for throwing lit cigarettes out of their cars.

In a press release by the government of The New South Wales said that last year, more than 200 people were caught throwing lit cigarettes out of their vehicles. According to President of New South Wales Rural Fire Service Association, Brian McDonough, this reckless behaviour of people has put the life and safety of firefighting volunteers at risk. He even hopes that this move would further make people think carefully about the future consequences of their actions next time they think of going to discard a lit cigarette.

At the beginning of this month, officials declared a new state emergency in states like New South Wales and Victoria as the bushfires raged in the states. Around 15 million acres of land was destroyed throughout the country. According to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service’s tweet, there are still 69 fires burning in New South Wales as of Saturday out of which 19 of those fires are yet to be contained. According to CNN, more than 3,000 homes were destroyed or damaged in New South Wales and amid the spike in fires around 28 people have perished nationwide.

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Brazilian Cultural Secretary To Be Sacked After He Echoes Goebbels



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Brazil is set to sack Culture Secretary Roberto Alvim after his video was posted on the ministry’s Twitter page that has gone viral causing a huge outrage as he used parts of speech that were used by infamous Nazi Germany’s propaganda leader Joseph Goebbels.

Released on Thursday, the video announced prizes for heroic and national art which quickly goes viral due to using wordplay similar to Goebbels. An anonymous source tells Reuters that the government plans to remove him from the office which was informed to the congressional leaders.

Alvim a former theatre director was appointed last year by President Jair Bolsonaro who was a far-right leader. He has now been urged to fire Alvim. Alvim was also a former army captain who was filled with a conservative social agenda and claimed that artists and cultural productions(schoolbooks and movies) were filled with left-wing bias.

He announced the prizes while music played in the background which was Hitler’s favourite music from Wagner Opera. During the six-minute video detailing National Arts Awards, Alvim tells that next decade Brazilian art would be national, heroic and imperative.

His speech was similar to that of Goebbel’s who was the propaganda boss of Hitler. He then told theatre directors during the Nazi regime that German art in the coming decade would be heroic, wildly romantic, objective, free of sentimentality, national with great pathos and equally being imperative and binding.

Alvim on Facebook claims that this similarity is just mere rhetorical coincidence with one sentence being similar to that of Goebbels and he would never dare quote Goebbels. He also said that the whole speech was based to create a nationalistic ideal for Brazilian art. Yet he even added that this phrase was perfect as heroism and aspiration of people is what he was looking for in national art.

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