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#DelhiDecides: 5 Reasons Losing Delhi Can Go Good With the BJP



#DelhiDecides:  5 Reasons Losing Delhi Can Go Good With the BJP



  1. Kejriwal will have no honeymoon period; both media and voters will demand immediate results, at least on corruption, power tariffs, VAT (value added tax), health hotline and WiFi. A hostile government at the Centre will not help him either. This spotlight on Kejriwal will come as a huge relief for Modi.


  1. Now the media houses have 2 faces Modi and Kejriwal to criticize. BJP knows this will surely save Modi from being the only target of media & mass criticism.


  1. BJP knows that if they win Delhi, Kejriwal in Opposition will make their life hell and will criticize their every action if its not the best one.


  1. Now BJP can deploy numerous tactics to not let Kejriwal do what he wants thus proving him a failure in Delhi. BJP team knows that many of the promises by kejriwal are impractical and cannot be fulfilled and this will snatch his ‘Nayak'(Hero) image.


  1. Now the One-Man-Army AAP will not be able to spread itself in other states nationwide because the face(Kejriwal) of party will be busy managing Delhi for next 5 years. And there is no other mob-attractor face in AAP.



Though AAP winning, running a majority government in Delhi isn’t going to be an easy task anymore with Kiran Bedi, the potential opposition leader in Delhi assembly.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sanath Chavan

    February 10, 2015 at 11:27 AM

    @APP do not worry from today no more rapes in Delhi, women security will be so good that nothing can happen. , I hope the BJP & especially the PM realize after this bashing that “actions speak louder than words”.

    You cant just keep talking & talking without anything translating on the ground

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