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While the world Celebrates “Women’s Day”, we take a look at “Anti-Women Bans”

Posted by Nidhi Singh Chauhan on March 8, 2015

Not so ordinary bans in the world

Anti-Women Bans

Each year, people from all over the world celebrate International women’s day. In many countries women still face discrimination in the name of law. Did you know that in Pakistan value of women’s testimony is considered exactly half as that of a man’s? It is 2015 and yet it seems we have hardly progressed.

Here we look at some of the wackiest Anti-women challenges existing around the world. I am sure you would not believe some of the insane laws given in our list.

  1. A place where women can’t get a divorce:

Anti-Women Bans

In Israel, The right of the wife to demand a divorce is legally entrenched when requested by the husband. Jewish divorce is not final until men deliver handwritten divorce ruling into the hands of the women.

  1. A place where women drivers are banned:

women drivers are banned

women drivers are banned In Saudi Arabia Source

Saudi Arabia is the world’s only country to prevent women from driving. Only men are awarded driving licences and women who drive in public risk are fined and arrested by the police.

  1. A place where married man is allowed to rape his wife:

A place where married man is allowed to rape his wife

In Bahamas, It is currently legal for a husband to rape his wife. The shocking Bahamian law treats married women over the age of 14 as the property of their spouses, having no autonomy over their own bodies

  1. A place where you can kill your cheating wife:

In Egypt law declares that “Whoever surprises his wife in an act of adultery and kills her on the spot together with her partner shall be punished with lenient sentence. Similarly in Syria, a man must only serve up to 7 years in prison if he murders his wife, sister, mother or daughter, if caught in an “illegitimate” sexual act.

  1. A place where a women seek out husband’s permission before leaving the house:

A new law in Afghanistan requires Shia women to seek their husbands’ permission before leaving home, force them to submit to their husbands’ demands for sex, and discourage them from working outside the home.

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