Virginia Shooting : 12 killed in attack by ‘disgruntled city worker’

Atleast 12 people were killed in a shooting near Virginia Beach in a Municipal building in the deadliest attack this year.
The suspect, officials said, a disgruntled city employee in Virginia Beach fired randomly in the municipality building.
Officials reportedly didn’t disclosed the identity of gunman but said he was killed in exchange fire.

A officer was injured with bullet striking his vest.
The attack begin at 16:00 local time (20:00 GMT) and since the area is under lockdown while all employees were evacuated . The area houses various city municipal and government buildings.

“This will not define us,” said Virginia Beach councilman , reflecting on the shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal center. “After the massacre at Virginia Tech our community came together … That’s something we have to do in Virginia Beach.”

“We almost felt like it wasn’t real, that we were in a dream”, said another witness.
One police chief described it as a “war zone”.

Police have also recovered some arms like rifle and handgun, believed to be of suspects.

The shooting comes amid a tight debate in United States over raging gun-laws issues.

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