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Video: Hindu Mahasabha leader slapped by a woman on live TV

Self proclaimed Baba and a religious right wing leader, Swami Omji Maharaj exchanged slaps and grapples with fellow panelist Deepa Sharma, an astrologer in a IBN7 debate show.

It was going to be a debate about Radhe Maa, but as the discussion heated it culminated into something which no one even predicted.

It all started when the Baba began ranting about personal matters in the debate about the Deepa Sharma, The host of the show tried his best to stop the Baba from continuing with the personal spouting. Deepa Sharma however couldn’t take it anymore and rose from her seat, removed her mic, went over to the Baba and slapped him across his face, the Baba in retaliation slapped her back and said “tu kya maregi mujhe”.

It was reported that IBN7 did not intend to release the clips, but a worker on the sets managed to get some part of it and that was more than enough for every viewer to understand how much human our Babas and astrologers are.

Hindu Mahasabha leader slapped by a woman

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