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US Presidential Election begins with Iowa caucus, race remains tight for nominations

The most important phase of US Presidential Election will kick start soon in Iowa where the candidates will fight for nominations. More than 1,681 sites in Iowa will host the causes. Both republicans and democratic candidates have urged people to vote.

Governor Marco Rubio will be speaking at three such sites before the caucus. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton campaign said that more than 2,000 volunteers will work for them in Iowa. Donald Trump said, “Wouldn’t that be terrible if I lost in Iowa, won everywhere else?”

The experts say that if young and first time voters come out in high numbers to vote, Senator Bernie Sanders and Trump should expect better result. This is not a good news for Hilary Clinton’s campaign. The lower turn out is expected to work for Clinton and Senator Ted Cruz.

The weathermen have informed that there will massive snowstorm on the day of caucus. Trump has appealed voters by saying,” You’re from Iowa, are you afraid of snow?”

All candidates are expected to head towards New Hampshire soon as the first primary will be scheduled there. Other candidates are already in the New Hampshire. It includes Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich.

The Iowa caucuses result in short listing the names in Presidential race. It cuts down the list from a dozen to just three. Many candidates take a note of negative results and do not continue the race. Some candidates withdraw and ask their supporters to back other candidate.

The caucuses are totally administered by the party unlike elections which are run by the government. Both parties have different systems of selecting the candidate during caucuses. Ultimately these are going to decide the number of delegates each candidate has for the national convention of each party.

It would be interesting to see who wins the US Presidential Election this year which kick starts in Iowa.

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