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United Kingdom’s Daughter is a Documentary in reply to India’s Daughter



United Kingdom’s Daughter is a Documentary in reply to India’s Daughter

United Kingdom's Daughter

United Kingdom’s Daughter

Just when we saw the documentary, India’s daughter made by BBC which created the debate in India, which had the rapist giving interview to the BBC, in which he went on justifying his acts of inhumanity.

The Delhi high court after the release of the trailers by the BBC and NDTV in India had banned on the broadcasting of the documentary. The judge, said, “There are chances of judges getting influenced by excessive media trails”.

Harvinder Singh, an Indian, on Friday uploaded a documentary  United Kingdom’s Daughter which talks about rape cases in United Kingdom and how the court trials in case of rape are so not helpful to the victims. The documentary talks about various other crimes which involves the divorce ratio and also ratio of old aged people staying out of their house due to their family members disowning them.

The only point which we can derive out of the release of the documentary is whether the western countries and rest of the world now going to fight on the number of rape cases in each others country?
The real problem here remains sidelined which is of much more importance on how can one fight against such anti social elements.

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