Triple Talaq Petitioner Ishrat Jahan joins BJP

Ishrat Jahan, one of the five petitioners in the triple Talaq case, has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday. On this occasion, Jahan said that she has entered the politics to fight against the injustice towards females like dowry, domestic violence and also to raise issues like education for a girl child.

Jahan had faced the boycott from her community even before the Supreme Court had given its verdict, but that has not weakened her from continuing her struggle. She said she would use the political platform to work for all women, and not just for Muslim women.

The decision for joining BJP has left other party leaders in turmoil, but she spoke her heart out to the media saying that she actually took the step after Narendra Modi initiated the step towards the upliftment of Muslim women. Lok Sabha has finally passed the Bill that criminalizes instant Triple Talaq in the Winter Session and now rests in the Rajya Sabha for further proceedings.

Ishrat Jahan said, “I am in Bengal, a state run by a woman. Despite the fact that our CM is a woman, nothing has been done for gender justice in my case and in the fight of Muslim women. I was fighting alone, there was no cooperation from any corner or from political parties,”.

In her statement, she also mentioned that even if women wanted to support her, they would get immense pressure from their family members and even life threats to some.

Speaking to the media, she narrated her story and explained how her husband had divorced her over the phone from Dubai by uttering just ‘talaq’ three times in the year 2014.

Thanking PM Modi for taking the step for the rights of Muslim women, Jahan also said that if a strict law had been made at the time of Shah Bano, maximum Muslim women would not have suffered like this. Despite knowing the fact that the practice of triple talaq does not fall in the line with Quran, the All India Muslim Law Board did not do anything in order to stop it.

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