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The Iran US nuclear deal

The Iran US nuclear deal
The Iran US nuclear deal

The Nuclear deal between US and Iran has had its share of mixed reviews coming in from both sides, even in the White House. However believe that this deal has the potentiality to revive the ailing economy which has been the biggest challenge for both these countries.

Iran is a nation rich with plenty of natural resources, it is has a population of over 80 million, the second largest in the middle, it also has 9% of proven oil reserves and another 18% of proven gas reserves as well.

Iran is also has the world’s largest natural gas reserves.

Currently Iran has been trading its oils with its top four partners from China, Japan, India and South Korea.

Continuous deteriorating relations between Iran and the US especially the 1979 Iran revolution forced the US and the European Unions to impose Sanctions on Iran, barring them from trade agreements that exist to this day.

Mohammad Javed Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister and other Iranian officials are looking forward to this agreement hoping to lift them from their sanction and continue with their nuclear centrifuge research.


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