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Supreme Court orders not to take any charges from migrants travelling by bus or train; give food before travel starts

Supreme Court gave the interim order on the huge groups of migrant labors. Court told not to charge migrant labor with any kind of charges/fares. These expenses will be given by state government. The expenses of the food arrangement for the stuck laborers will also borne by the state government. The next hearing on this will take place on June 5.


Bench of Justice Ashok Bhushan, Justice SK Kaul, Justice MR Shah took charge of the hearing of Thursday. Solicitor Tushar Mehta kept forward the argument on behalf of the central government. During this time, bench gave 4 orders and 4 comments on this.


4 orders by Court

  • Supreme court ordered not to charge any fare from the migrant  These expenses will be borne by state government or government of union territories.
  • The state government to offer food and water on stations. Thos arrangement of food and water to be done by railways in the trains.
  • The labors who are waiting for the trains in order to go home should also be offers food and water by the state government. They will get food and water in buses too.
  • The state should monitor the process of registration and ensure that they get their trains/buses as soon as possible. All the information will soon be given to related people.

4 comments by court

  • A lot of loopholes were seen in providing the food and water

The court is tensed about the conditions of labors who are trying to reach their homes. There is no doubt about the working of state government towards them but some loopholes were seen in the process of registration, transportations and providing food and water.

  • Did the travelers got enough food?

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta on behalf of central government said that migrant labors reached their homes in special trains and buses with co-ordination with state governments. 91 lakhs migrants have reached their homes from May 1 to May 27. The court made a remarked , “Were they fed enough to fill their stomachs?”

  • Migrants should get the food necessarily

Supreme Court asked whether the labors were asked to pay? The question is that how the state government is paying the fares of the ticket? If the fares are being charged, then are they getting the money back? Are they getting food when waiting for trains? Court says that the migrants should get the food to which solicitor general answered that the food id being provided.

  • Some needy were not profited

Solicitor General said that almost 3.36 migrant labors are travelling to their homes. The government will sent all the labors to their home to which court made a remark that some needy people were not benefited.

Supreme Court asked government for an answer till May 28, 2020

The government did auto cognition for this case. SC told that the condition of worker is very poor. The arrangements made by the government are not enough. Court demanded an answer from central and state governments by issuing a circular

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