Soviet film legend Ivan Krasko, 84, marries 24-year-old student

At around the age of 84, most people just sit back relax and reminisce their old and golden memories. But that’s not what Ivan Krasko has in mind. This 84 year old, Russian film legend has recently tied the knot with a bride who if compared is old enough to be his granddaughter.

24, year old Natalya Shevel was looking beautiful in her wedding gown as she walked down the aisle. Krasko wore his naval uniform which he had first worn at the age of 23 while serving as a naval officer in the Soviet navy.

Russian actor Ivan Krasko, 84, and Natalya Shevel, 24-a

This however is Krasko’s fourth marriage. It was revealed that Krasko had proposed to Natalya on a Moscow Metro platform, the poor girl couldn’t resist herself.

Russian actor Ivan Krasko, 84, and Natalya Shevel,, 24

The couple met each other at a University where Krasko was teaching, Shevel happened to be a student. Impressed by her poetry skills, Krasko fell in love again.

They did ensure the media that their relationship will be platonic (non sexual) and are even looking forward to having children.

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