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Snapdeal employee abducted from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, returns home finally

Abducted Snapdeal employee from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh has been found. A 24-year-old women was missing since four days. She told police that she was abducted by four men whom she met in a shared auto. The woman was going home from a metro station.

Ghaziabad police said that the men are local goons.DiptiSarna’s abduction received huge media coverage and outrage on social media. Four men haven’t been identified yet. Sarna has not been harmed by them in any way. The investigation team will now prepare the rough sketch of four men.

Sarna used to work at the legal department of the e-commerce giant Snapdeal. She is a daily traveler of a metro. The incident happened on Wednesday 7.42 pm while she was returning home as usual. She took a shared auto from the metro station. But at Mohan Nagar, the auto suffered a malfunction. The passengers were then forced to take another from Ghaziabad old bus stand.

Dipti had another female passenger along with her till this point. Once the auto reached at Hindon river, the female co-passenger was forced to get down from the auto. Knife was used by men to threaten her. Four men then took away Dipti’s phone and bag. During this time, Dipti was speaking to friend on phone.

Her friend heard her scream for help before phone was snatched from her. Four men then drove the auto to Raj Nagar extension. Due to massive search operations, they didn’t take any break and even made her walk for 10 kilometres.

Meanwhile hundreds of police were involved in the operations. Snapdeal also launched a hashtag #HelpFindDipti to find its employee.

All four men made her board to a train towards Delhi. The men ran away after giving her some money in the morning. She called her family from Narela station. Police are investigating the abduction of Snapdeal employee from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh to prevent such crimes in future.


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