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Why do you need to have faith in someone?

Many times we feel that we can’t share anything with people around us due to many reasons. Sometimes we get irritated or feel lonely and feel like you don’t have anyone in your life. At that time you need someone on whom you can rely. They need not to be a person. When you have faith in God then you can live your life in the best possible way.

You want to know why?

Because all of us are temporary. They can leave you by their own choice or by the act of God. But when you are having faith in God, there is a probability that you will live your life to the fullest without having any kind of doubt in your life.

It is very common that we will have problems in our life or challenges which will help you to develop yourself and when you have faith then you will see every challenge or problem as an opportunity to grow. Because you know God is with you and he will never let you fall.

So, when you are having such a feeling then you will remain happy and no one can hurt you.

You can reach a level of satisfaction where no one is going to hurt you and you enjoy materialistic things without being attached to them.

Isn’t it the best thing one could have in their life? And all you need to do is have faith.

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