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What you must know in the first year of College Life?

During the Covid outbreak, we spent our time at home. Those who never imagined staying at home were able to spend time with families and many lost their loved ones. In total, it was a pleasant and unpleasant feeling for all. But now that everything is again coming back on track, one needs to know many things for their mental, physical and emotional well being.


Taking care of health is very important


With the passage of time, it is Becoming very difficult for people to stick to eating healthy, staying active, getting up early in the morning and sleeping on time. We are not concerned with these things. But one must take care of their health because it directly or indirectly affects the mind and the level of understanding and happiness.


Learning Approach


One can’t be perfect in every thing. We all lack somewhere but a person with a learning approach can grow faster in Legal profession or in any other profession.


Friendship ?


When you go to College, there are physical, mental, and emotional changes. You hang with new people, you get to learn many things in life from people and situations.

It’s obvious that you’ll make new friends and there will be conflict in many situations. But one must remember, you are your own priority and never let anyone disturb your mental peace.

One must be their own best friend, then only you can live your life happily. One must spend time alone and enjoy it just like we enjoy being with our friends.


Overall development


The worst mistake is we forget to maintain a balance between every aspect of life. One needs to spend time with friends, studies, and other activities. Either we enjoy it or we study. Is it so difficult to mange a balance in life?

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