What is stopping HIV positive patients from approaching life positively?

Right to life with personal liberty is provided to every individual irrespective of their disease under Article 21 of Constitution of India. But is it true on the ground?

Sometimes we are sympathetic towards people having deadly diseases and on the other hand the person having HIV positive is treated the worst. No one is ready to treat them.

The same happened with Covid patients during the first wave, they were treated as untouchables. Here Covid was recoverable while recovery from AIDs is next to impossible as it is an incurable disease.

It is not the problem because there are many diseases like diabetes, which aren’t curable but still people manage to live their life.

However, HIV positive aren’t able to live their life happily, they often commit suicide due to the pressure of society.

The disease doesn’t weaken them more than the behaviour of the society does.


Lack of medical facilities


In many of the cases it has been observed that HIV patients die due to the availability of medical facilities. Many times they are not even admitted in the hospitals and doctors are not ready to operate on them. In many cases, the situation of the patient gets worse & either they die due to HIV or any other disease.


Lack of awareness


People are not aware about the transmission of disease. AIDS is a communicable disease but it doesn’t mean you’ll be infected just because of sitting with that person. It can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, blood or saliva, etc.

The behaviour of the people towards the sufferers are emphatic due to lack of awareness as a result of which they are not able to overcome & see life with a positive aspect.


Boycott in the society


Most of the time, patients are boycotted in the society. People often see them as if they are the miscreants. The disease itself weakens their immunity but the blood curdling fact is that people leave them lonely which affects their mental state too.

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